Weekly Challenge Reward

Week 1: A Visor Color
Week 2: An Amor Shader
Week 3: An Nameplate

Do you not want people to grind these challenges?

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I earned all 3. Idk what you’re upset about. Some people just like collecting stuff to show they finished the weekly. Some people actually like the designs. Different items for different tastes. Were you hoping for a million dollars?

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Not remotely upset. The ULTIMATE weekly challenge isn’t worth grinding for the reward it’s giving.

Then don’t grind for it? I don’t want anything from the Battle Pass except the fire movement effects at level 100. All the rest is worthless to me. Different items for different tastes. Not everyone wants everything.

I’m not. Hence my post, my guy. The general consensus on the forum it that the Ultimate challenge is too difficult. Add a mundane reward on top of that and you have a challenge that doesn’t generate replay revalue.

Then don’t do it if you don’t want to. It’s not there to make you do it, it’s there for people that want to do it. They’re not going to give you a $20 store credit or a whole new armor set every week for doing 12 challenges or whatever. In MCC the monthly ultimate challenges are just weapon and vehicle skins.

Again I’m not. Hence my post, my guy. The Ultimate challenge should give a reward equal to its value. It currently is not doing that.

Bruh it takes my friends and I less than a day to do the weeklies. Not everyone thinks they’re hard. They’re not giving you a medal, they’re giving you a cookie.


Just asking for a reward that equal to the value difficulty of the challenge

I recommend thumbing through more threads on the forum if you think that.

The forums are 99% duplicate threads of complaints from free playing casuals that want literally everything easy and free. There’s no item that will satisfy all the millions of players every single week.

I agree. Currently we have received three rewards that I would say aren’t worth the grind. If you a completionist then more power to you.

Future rewards for weeklies will likely always be coatings of some kind or an emblem like MCC. Not everyone is going to like that week’s item. I usually never wanted the monthly ultimate rewards in MCC, because those challenges were a pain and the rewards were items I wouldn’t even use. Same thing here. Maybe and hopefully you’ll like one of the next items. I know many people were upset they couldn’t finish the fiesta sprees for last week’s coating they wanted. At least in MCC with seasonal rewards, you have more time to do them.

They have definitely been underwhelming so far. They really don’t want free players to have many good customization items, it’s disappointing for sure.

Casual players are very rarely found on the official forums for games. Casual players are far more likely to be on a game’s sub-Reddit than the official forums. Also, just because somebody is a free player doesn’t mean that they are a Casual or that they want everything handed to them. The customization options for free players are extremely limited right now and there is currently no in-game credit earning, so 95% of the cosmetics are completely blocked off from free players. Is it too much to ask that the weekly challenge items, one of only 3 avenues for free players to earn customization items, actually be good items that are worth earning? I don’t think it is.

If you’re asking for free armor sets, then yes, it probably is too much, since MCC just does skins for challenge rewards. Armors were always Battle Pass and credit shop, except special helmets like Mister Chief, and back items for Halo 3, but those were Seasonal rewards, not weekly. I think having one week limited armors for completing 12 random challenges would be a bad idea and make a lot of people stressed if they missed out that week. If Infinite had Seasonal armor rewards for like kill 200 Spartans or whatever, then yeah, that can be a bigger prize like a helmet or attachment. As a weekly reward, that would cause too much FOMO and upset people. If you want to make a new topic requesting monthly and seasonal ultimate challenges that aren’t randomized for bigger rewards, you should just start with that. The weekly challenge skins are fine.

Not whole sets obviously, but it would be nice to get armor pieces some weeks at least; helmets, chests, shoulder pads, legs, hip items like gun holsters, helmet accessories, etc. Also things like gun colors, gun trinkets, Victory poses, etc.

Gun and vehicle skins will be pretty likely, maybe gun attachments too, but anything they can sell for $7 in the shop, it likely won’t be a weekly ever, because a week is too short for a challenge for major cosmetics. A monthly ultimate everyone has the same challenge would work though.