Weekly Challenge Prize Winner is a booster.

How many more infinity challenge weekly prize winners are boosters? i wanted to check to see how they did it so fast and on the first name i searched [REDACTED] automatic booster status:

heres the links

Game 1 right on the 24th

Game 2 right after

here the Weekly challenge results link.

i think its ridiculous i was at work and my son woke up just for this and its unfair to others who have to go through this like us. Even if we didnt win someone else legit could of.

First, don’t call out individuals on the forums. Guilty or innocent, it’s not the job of these forums to pass judgement. Leave that for 343i.

Secondly, 343i & -Yoink!- are well aware and have taken precautions to ensure that cheaters or boosters will not be receive any prizes. In fact, they’ve started it several times and even responded to posts like this on the forums reiterating that. I know the leadboards don’t necessarily reflect that, but rest assured, cheaters will be dealt with.