Weekly Challenge Not Awarded?

So me (Elite Process), VRENDEN13, and Jenandtonic1224; just beat Pillar of Autumn LASO (Legendary all skulls on) and at the very end of the game where the cut scene is supposed to play we got a message saying that there was a game error in Co-Op campaign. We still have the video where we completed the game and it will be uploaded to my file share where you can see that we beat the mission; and we did not receive our credits or our weekly challenge completion for beating the mission LASO.

If anyone knows where I should report this, please let me know.

Thanks, in advance.

Had this same thing happen to me. You know in MM when you get that, screen that’s the Change host screen and your in the middle of say a running riot, then you get 5 more kills and its a Killing Spree not a Rampage. Same thing, when you got that it rest the game stats, so event though you got all the kills played the 7 hours, have the video, and did the dew. It counts for jack -Yoink-.