Weekly Challenge kill 700 enemies in multiplayer matchmaking

Guys what playlist is the best to get lots of kills in halo reach matchmaking. you have to get 700!!

5 Swat games a day? Sounds pretty easy to me.



^if you have host^

I personally played a mix between Multiteam and BTB

Just play whatever you want

Multi Team or Rumble Pit; vote for objective games but focus on killing. Easy 30+ kills in games that are only half as long as in BTB.

I find it extremely easy with a couple games of grifball, but it can get pretty boring after a while. Team slayer and BTB are pretty good as well.

I mix it up between Team SWAT and Rumble Pit, those playlists usually get me the most kills.

I usually rack up the most kills in SWAT and Living Dead. BTB can also get you up there along with Invasion if you focus on killing, Multi Team can help if you don’t get too many assists