Weekly Blog Post

Are we getting a weekly blog on Infinite this week?
The past two weeks have been consistent again, although answering more questions and raising new ones at the same time

We have had a MCC update this week a tv show update this week. Hopefully we get more progress reports on where they are at with Season 2 and weather it will be 3 or 6 months.


Probably will be tomorrow or Friday.

Hope we get more Season 2 info, and I really want to know if the narrative content is just a handful of cutscenes or if it is something deeper


Knowing 343 they’re just going to keep the status quo in reguards to the narrative content and keep it to a CG cutscene like Warzone and Fortnite.

I’d love to be wrong though. I’ve been wanting SpOps to make a return and become the gamemode I know it can be. It would make a perfect interactive, multiplayer, PvE storytelling mode.


Nah, we got two cut scenes with season 1, we’ll get another with season 2.

Will we have to go into the Academy to access all the narrative associated with multiplayer? Does season 1 stuff go away?

I dunno, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Keep in mind this is a long weekend, so it’s possible we won’t see anything.

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What else would you hope to see? Something playable?

Why is it a long weekend?

It’s the Easter holiday.

Are you outside of the USA? Because Easter is not a federal holiday in USA meaning no paid days off.

Depends on where you are. Can’t speak to Washington. No one does holidays like the gang at 343, so if they can take some time off they will.


Good point

Someone sneezes wrong at 343 and they take 2 weeks off.

I’d also like to see some info about plans for improving Waypoint.

We lost Spartan Companies, Halo Wars 2, don’t have any STATS for Infinite, and MCC could use better integration.

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Still nothing.
All valid points and requests tho guys.
Frankie did a bit of a spit on Twitter, talking about how people need to be nicer or some such.
I have no idea what he does at 343i. I mean he used to do those Bungie weekly what’s updates back in the day. But now he resides over 343i and no idea why he chooses to post stuff on Twitter and not on this offical waypoint page. I mean, I guess it gets more views but heck. Maybe support your home page/ company page first?

It’s not much to ask, with the game in this current state and with so many “Coming soon T.M” issues still MIA. That we have some kinda of frequent weekly update on how things are travelling behind the scenes. Some kinda look into what goes on there on a weekly basis would be nice.

That post from Frankie, honestly seems like someone who’s boss just had a go at them, and he’s venting to us. Which is good. It’s about time Microsoft took a stern look at 343 and their track record and maybe shuffle up management over there.

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Season 2 Map Previews: Catalyst & Breaker


So this week we got a look at the maps and a dev interview about what went into the maps.

Next week we will be getting lore on the maps.
Not much by way of fixes to known issues and what can be repaired before or at season 2’s release.

Apparently there’s 2 new armor cores coming now? There’s the head hunter core and the new tenurai esq core? I though the cosmetic items were going on the tenurai core but apparently the season 2 event will have a new core as well?

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