Weeklies done = no incentive to play

I don’t know, I played many games already and acting like u have a crash in to many games is bluntly over reacting

I’m basically almost in the same position as OP. I’m 2/5 of the ultimate challenge and the poor rate of energy sword / grav hammer RNG I really cannot be bothered playing until reset.

Fair enough if people enjoy the game for the gameplay itself, it’s good people can find enjoyment in simply playing the game. But me personally I enjoy progressing and unlocking things, I’m no good at ranked (Gold IV) and don’t feel like grinding that.

So currently that leaves the 50xp per game. Which hopefully will change in the near future as it has been acknowledged, at least by a forum monitor, as a bandaid solution to the issue.

TL;DR My monkey brain needs imaginary points

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My guy, no offense, but you haven’t even played 100 matches yet. Spartan0112 and I have almost 3x more gameplay than you. Trust me, it crashes a lot. I crashed maybe 10 times just trying to play customs. I crash trying to start a match. I crash in matches. I crash at the end of matches. Sometimes I can still move and hear the game, but the screen is frozen, and will eventually crash, but I have to sit there staring at a frozen screen and moving in circles to avoid a quit ban. It crashes a lot and it sucks. Once you’re another 200 matches in, you’ll probably notice it more often.

I had (I’m embarrassed to admit) thousands of hours in the first 3 halos, each. “no reason to play without challenges” lol. That doesn’t explain how they were the most played games in Xbox for a decade - and even for gaming for a large chunk of that.

Probably an (30 yr) old man yells at clouds, but the original modern warfare really set us down a bad path with all these pointless rewards and XP gains to trick impressionable child brains into thinking they are having fun and “making progress”. Combine that with the modern obsession with social media and it is a s*** storm of people with the attention span of a gold fish.


To be fair though, there’s not much content in Infinite, with only a handful of maps, and a few game modes. Custom Games is also very limited. The game will be fine in the future, but for now, it is pretty stale for players around 300 matches. With another 200 matches, you will likely feel the same way. I also played an unreasonable amount of the original games, but CE Custom Edition and 3 and Reach custom games made it so I could never be bored.

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It certainly would help to have more maps and modes, and a functional custom game mode (with the missing options added) but there is still a lot in there. I don’t see myself getting bored in 300 matches just based on my past halo experiences

Progression is fun. Every multiplayer game has progression, This one doesn’t. It should but for some reason it doesn’t. If there are no challenges to work towards its a design flaw and makes the game not fun, by design.


this. its so damn boring. no incentive to do the objectives either. just rack up kills.

For the sense of satisfaction and achievement?
It’s not easy to do and is a clear indication that you’re actually good at the game.

Why would you grind the battlepass? So you can show off fancy armour unlocks to your opponents? You can apply that same logic to the battlepass surely?

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I played almost 20 games of ranked last night and every game started 4v4. There were quitters in two games, once on my team when we were losing and once on the enemy team when they were losing. I’ve also had zero crashes but I am playing on the Series X in 250+ games.

It was a problem last week but not sure if it’s been fixed already or maybe it only affects Solo queue for the starting 4v3 as I saw that a bit when I played Solo queue to Onyx, but nothing yesterday.

Either way, you are asking for things to do for incentive and reward. I gave you a thing you could do that you will be rewarded for because you appear incapable of enjoying the game without a menial task.

I much prefer waiting for a performance based progression system than grind 20 matches for one level, which just promotes afk’ing.

I spent about 4-5 hours on new weeklies with double exp and got about 10 levels. I’m just waiting for reset to do the same, minus double exp because there might be a better system to use my doubles on on full release.

4-5 hours and about 5 levels or about 3 hours per 1 level? Yeah, no thanks. I spent money for this pass already, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life on it to max it out.

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Yeah that’s fair and I understand that the battlepass system needs a lot of work to improve it.

My point was that, when your challenges run out, you can still turn to ranked. There you still have the opportunity to rank up and it’s based entirely on your own performance and skill so should in theory still give players that sense of satisfaction and achievement.

I get that not everyone likes playing ranked but for me once my weeklies are complete I just focus all my time on ranked and the climb to Onyx.

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You are delusional.

First off “reward” is subjective. And humans arent “reward” driven creatures. Any source for that or is it something you made up in your head?

More like since the 80s kids have been conditioned for exactly what you are talking about. A fake, “reward” based society. Its all a mental illness.

I have been gaming longer than you I can guarantee that. With Halo 3, arugeably the most popular mplayer shooter on the market at the time, there were no cosmetics or anything to “unlock”.

What has changed since then? Why must you be “rewarded”? Cause you are sick in the head mentally. Your brain doesnt think right.

Your critisim isnt really critisim…it makes no sense. You arent complaing about the actual game itself, you are complaing about the game doesnt “reward” you enough, which again…is subjective.

Dont you understand its all cosmetic? You make no sense. You want to be rewarded with what exactly? More colthes for your little character?

You are warped man and you make no sense. Your posts writes EXACTLY like someone who is young and spends their entire life on the internet, hence the confusion when being told differently. Your brain is so warped you cant distinguish one thing from another.


With Halo 3, arugeably the most popular mplayer shooter on the market at the time, there were no cosmetics or anything to “unlock”.

Well that’s just not true. There were multiple sets of armors that you had to unlock through playing the game, yes, Halo 3. Halo 3 was the first Halo to lean further into unlockable cosmetics and Reach expanded it.

You are warped man and you make no sense. Your posts writes EXACTLY like someone who is young and spends their entire life on the internet, hence the confusion when being told differently. Your brain is so warped you cant distinguish one thing from another.

My man, what’s warped and delusional is so passionately disagreeing with something that you’re saying is subjective, to the point to resort to personal attacks. Take a breather, learn to disagree respectfully.


Bruh what? That is 101 Psychology

honestly, it’s a shame… kinda the only reason i play halo is to SIMULTAINIOUSLY, gain progression, earn rewards, and have fun with the sandbox. i’ve managed to achieve that in most of the games, MCC and Reach being the stand out ones. but in infinite… i can’t progress without not having fun because of the challenges, and when i do want to mess around and have fun with the sandbox… i wont be rewarded. in prior halo games i’d be rewarded for doing better, when i earn a overkill/extermination in prior halo games, i feel amazing, not only because it was cool, but i know i’l be rewarded a decent amount for it. but in infinite, if i say do something cool. like grapple hook a enemy or launch someone into a pit, or go on a spree, i do get a slight bit of dopamelanin, but the feeling falls quickly since i realize… my efforts for achieving a high feet in this game, will be all for not, i wont get anything from this. heck, because of the current system, i’ve been tought, as a player, to not care if we win or loose, we gain or loose nothing either way. no bit of xp for loosing, and no extra xp for winning, just no incentive to play the game porporly. the only way i’l be rewarded is if i play the game in a VERY specific way, be it get kills with a very specific vehicle, or snipe the driver of a vehicle, it’s quite annoying having to be limited to the sandbox in order to feel like i’m getting anywhere, and i don’t have fun doing that.
and even then, on the off chance that i want to just play the game without doing the challenges, and i que up a match to mess around. i realize something, something everytime i pass a weapon or equipment or vehicle. if i take this… i could ruin someone elses fun. there’s a lot of people who play halo for the awesome progression systems, and with this one, i feel guilty taking a commando or ghost, because i know someone either on my team or the enemy team would maybe need this stuff for their own progression. so i limit myself to the starting weapons, which are already powerful enough on their own. so really there’s no reason to pick up the weapons. unless it’s a power weapon, but even then, i go back to my prior statement. i want to have fun with this game, but i either have to play a VERY specific way to progress and not have fun, or i get nothing as a reward and feel guilty for wanting to try out the sandbox

It’s amazing how fans can just solve problems that the developers refuse to see.

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I see a lot of comments that “this is a 10-year game that isn’t going to make it.”
Explain to me what ranking system you are going to use that will cover that amount of time?

The answer is none that is going to satisfy any of you.

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Halo Reach covered almost that entire time, 9 years. with a somewhat decent progression system and PLAYERS STILL PLAYING IT. in 2018/19 i managed to play so many matches of Reach’s multiplayer, not only be rewarded, but also have fun. making it half way through the progression ranks. and feeling awesome everytime i got another rank, or another piece of armor. getting my glorious space barbie to look the best way that i wanted, felt rewarding for all the time that i put into the game. the ranking system incuraging me and pulling me along to keep playing the game
with infinite… i don’t feel rewarded for having fun. and when i do progress and rank up, i get basically nothing unless i pay. and when i do get something… it feels underwhelming compared to what i could get by this point in Halo Reach. 6 years of development for this… a game worse than a old game that took half the amount of time to make, if not less. modern day gaming ladies and gentlemen…

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Hey I like playing to win, but I also like being rewarded.
You gonna tell a corporate slave that they work to succeed but deny them all the rewards of success?


  • No bonus
  • No paid overtime once your quota is complete but you gotta overtime anyway