Weeklies done = no incentive to play

The title describes it. I have around 90 hours /played on steam have completed the weeklies 3 times now.

There is no reason to play until next reset. This is literally World of Warcraft… Do your weekly chores and log off.

Bad system is bad system. Anyone who defends it has less than 10 hours /played.


When I beat the ultimate weekly the first thing that came to my mind was “now I don’t need to play this game until reset.”, challenges really do suck the fun out of what is a fun game at it’s core

I hate this progression system so much, it’s unappealing, I’d much prefer a traditional performance-based XP system but I doubt we’ll be seeing any reform on the current system for a long time.


At the very least, 343 has acknowledged that its a problem and have said they are working on it.

The question is how many players are we going to churn before a fix is implemented. At this rate its going to be an unhealthy amount.


I don’t know man, in my opinion if your playing just to do challenges your playing for the wrong reasons.

Try playing for fun, and if you dont find it fun I wouldn’t waste my time playing


I have almost 100 hours in game bro. I’m about as die-hard for Halo as it gets.
To put this politely, i have Thousands of hours in gaming in general.
I dont have fun just gaming for the sake of gaming and the majority of people are the same. Its been this way for Years.

The thing is, humans are reward driven creatures. This is supposed to be a TEN YEAR live service. Idgaf who you are, you will Not get ten years out of this system and i know that through TWENTY YEARS of gaming. They absolutely need to improve the system if they really want to get ten entire years out of this live service.

Most players honeymoon period ends after like 30 hours, once they reach that point they will realise how bad the system is. Especially as a F2P player. Then they quit. Most people dont come to these forums to complain, they just go back to CoD or whatever game they came from.
I Want this game to succeed with all of my heart, but if this is the monetisation that Microsoft is going to force 343 into then the game will die within 1 year to other, better competitors.


We are definitely not the same then ha.

When you beat your weeklies it’s time to head into the ranked arena. Because your CSR can always go up.

I have been playing BTB too because it’s fun to play. Plus I get 50xp a game. Even if I didn’t I would play it for the epic moments. It’s been a while since I’ve used the record feature on my Xbox so much.

I’ve been gaming for 25 years and I still love it and don’t need a “reward” to play something.


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How about playing to win? Or cause you enjoy the game?

Like I think of these kids nowadays and how mentally ill they are. They expect a reward for everything in life and are going to be in for a rude awaking when they hit the real world. Like so that is your point of playing the game? To unlock cosmetics? Why cant you just play to win?

Good, leave the game cause you probably weren’t any good at it.

“Incentive” to play. You say the same for basketball or baseball? When you score a hoop, you want the coach to give you a reach around?

Hahahha. please uninstall we dont need the likes of the COD mentally ill universe.


Yeah, I finished all 3 weeklies so far on the first day in one sitting after work before bed. People complain a lot about the challenges, but I only had an issue with destroying an enemy scorpion as a challenge. I like to get the challenges out of the way so I can play casually with friends the rest of the week, but I honestly have no reason to play otherwise if nobody else is on. Grinding 50 XP per game sucks and nobody plays the objective anyway, so why bother trying. I mostly just practice weapons and advanced mechanics and movement in the Infinite sandbox. Lots of cool things I learned by messing around, that will help when my team is actually trying to win the game


It’s not just no incentive to play, there’s hardly any incentive to win or do good if all you get is a 50xp participation reward.

This system is designed solely around monetization instead of fun.


I wanna also add that the whole “you should play for fun” thing doesn’t really hold up when the content is as thin as it is currently. Some people may well love to play 4v4 and 12v12 infantry battles all day long and power to you. The trouble is after being forced to play those modes in obscure ways to get my challenges on very few maps & modes I’m simply burnt out on them, and while in most halos I could then switch to infection or grifball or firefight or customs or whatever I felt like, I can’t do that here.

Tbh, in spite of the gameplay being promising I don’t actually think the game is fun enough in its current state to hold peoples attention. And to be fair a better progression system will not fix this, it’s just a band aid, but it is at least a start.


Yea the honey-moon period is still thick for the casuals. Give em like 3 weeks and theyll be in the same spot as us.


Why would i play ranked? To inflate my already inflated ranked number?
Maybe if the game wasnt plagued with crashes, DC’s and leavers i might take ranked seriously.

You want to talk about “I dont need a reward to play something” but in the same breath suggest grinding MMR?


how else will you know you’re a good boy? Scooby snacks?

I find it hilarious how all these psychologically compelling systems (that were designed to maximise time spent in game, thus increasing engagement/making more money) are so heralded nowadays.


Not all humans, i couldn’t care less for the challenges tbh.

I respect that others find enjoyment in challenges and unlocking things however I guess I’ll just never understand it.

I mean playing just to grind challenges just seems like a chore. If I’m not having fun in a game i don’t play its that simple. I hope they make better challenges for you guys

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What a weird respons. You said you would play when there is a difference between losing and winning. You get exactly that in ranked. The progression system is not good, which has been pointed out numerously in the past few days. However, ranked Playlist rewards you for winning and punishes you for losing, giving you the goal to try to play better and go up in the competitive ladder. According to people like you, league of legends would be dead a long time ago since you only have challenges there when a event is up.


What about ranked?
You at Onyx?

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Dude grinding MMR in a system plagued by crashes, DC’s and leavers is not fun.
Its a chore.
Nothing about a 3v4 every 2 matches is fun.

Why would i grind Onyx? For a weapon sticker and 50 hours of 3v4’s?
Just so that i can tell someone who doesnt care that i’m onyx in halo?

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Ranked sucks in every fps, especially when all you get is a nameplate. Between bad teammates, crashing, server ping, hit registration, aimbots, and even booters, you’re in for a bad time the sweatier up you go. Unless you get very cool shiny armor coatings or pieces based on your rank, I will never care about playing ranked. At least in Destiny you get special armor for being high rank or finishing Trials and Iron Banner.


You know what? I’m happy my weeklies are done. This progression system has been an endless source of grief. Now that they’re gone I can keep playing for fun. And this game is damn fun when you just relax and do not think about killing 10 enemies with the sniper rifle.

Doing the weekly challenges feels like eating my broccoli before dessert. -Yoink!- that!
It’s hard to opt out of those damn things with 343 weaponizing FOMO – exactly what they sweared they wouldn’t do. But the game will be much more pleasent if just ignore those stupid rewards.

This week’s coating is actually cool, but last week they gave us a yellow visor. I unlocked a better looking one in the Battle Pass at level 16 give or take. It was not worth at all to stress me out for a yellow visor.