Weekend Social Playlist this weekend?

Does anyone know when this playlist is going to start showing up? Just curious.

I hope this weekend… because right now, Arena is so… empty. The map rotation is really annoying; why are there only like 3 maps in each playlist? I have to seriously question the judgment of whoever was in the feedback program that gave them the advice for the current map and playlist selection. I enjoy arena, but it’s annoying to have so few maps to play without changing playlists. At the very least, you’d think all of them would show up in the Team Arena playlist, but they don’t.

Hopefully they’ll correct it with a patch or the social playlists this weekend. I hope they do Team Objective, but any sort of new gametype would be nice.

Personally I’d like an Arena Objective playlist. Until I get knock off all this rust and start performing again Team Slayer matches have been real rough. :\