Weekend Playlists - Suggestions

Weekend playlists are a great idea, however, the playlists we get are not so great imo. Here are a few suggestions for 343. Feel free to add yours:)

Classic Arena (4v4; No Sprint; H2 BR starts; use the remade classic maps such as Narrows, Pit, Lockdown, Beaver Creek, Guardian, etc…; Slayer; CTF, Oddball)

Social Arena (4v4; same settings and maps as Team Arena but unranked so you can chill and get some practice for Arena)

Forge Arena (Use some of the great forge maps out there with a mix of Slayer and Objective; 4v4; same settings as Team Arena)

Multi Team (4 Teams of 2 players; maps and settings as Team Arena; Slayer and Objective like KOTH)

Also why not make it a weekly playlist instead of weekend only? Just keep it for 7 days instead of 2-3 and replace it the following week. This way Halo would have a permanent social playlist which is desperately needed.

Let me know what you think:)