Weekend Challenge Question

So far today I have completed 18 games of FFA, but I did quit out of 2 games. I have not gotten the jackpot yet so I am wondering if quitting out of those 2 games disqualified me from winning the jackpot.

I don’t think it’s impossible, but I’m pretty sure your chances of getting it are lower if you quit.

That’s disappointing because the first game I quit out of was because a friend challenged me to a 1v1 right as the game started and the second time my house lost power.

I dont think it matters. Getting the jackpots, I’ve played with friends and it affects the whole lobby so everyone will get it (back when Bungie did the 15K ones). I just think at the end of every game there’s a small chance of it being generated. I think you quitting only affects the 3000 bonuses that are given out.