Week 8 Ultimate Reward - Rare Yoroi Visor 'Shibuichi'

So it’s a nice easy challenge this week - just complete 7 Fiesta matches.

I hope everyone is having fun with Fiesta - I do enjoy the random madness of it all as a bit of a break from the regular game modes.

Had to swap out some BTB challenges this week again though due to server issues!

Week 8 - Rare Yoroi Visor ‘Shibuichi’ (complete 7 Fiesta matches)

Week 7 - Epic Backdrop ‘Splatter’ (kill 5 enemy Spartans by hitting them with a vehicle in PvP)

Week 6 - Epic Weapon Emblem ‘Sacrifice’ (kill 50 enemy Spartans in PvP)

Week 5 - Epic Backdrop ‘Scoreboard’ (win 5 Ranked Arena matches)

Week 4 - Epic Sniper Rifle Weapon Coating ‘Abbey Lime’ (earn 15 headshot kills in PvP)

Week 3 - Epic Nameplate ‘Sacrifice’ (win 17 matches in PvP)

Week 2 - Epic Mk VII Armor Coating ‘Willow Tea’ (earn 5 killing sprees in Fiesta)

Week 1 - Rare Mk VII Visor ‘Sigil’ (complete 15 matches in PvP)


It got quite a bit easier from Week 4 onward. Win 17 vs. Play 7 is quite a change.

Perhaps you might want to add to your list that everyone got the Week 1 reward because they reset the challenges midway through the week.


Nice list. I missed week 7. Stupid Splatters… would have been nice if BTB was working consistently.

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Anybody know what happens if you use a swap on the “stop 5 killing spree” challenge?

You’ll get a different Tenrai challenge that you’ll be able to do.

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Only one thst might be a pain is I have a ctf one where I need capture 2 flags

Yeah definitely swapping that one. What a garbage challenge

Any chance the Willow Tea coating will come back? I love that one, but I started playing just after that weekly passed! :frowning:

No one knows if or when the weeklies will come back.

They probably will, either in a rotation or into the shop. Not sure.