Week 5 Ultimate Reward - Epic Backdrop 'Scoreboard'

This week’s challenge is really frustrating me. I’m in Solo/Duo controller lobby and am currently on 2 wins/8 losses but need 5 wins.

It’s probably going to take me 20-30 matches at this rate.

I’m not even sure I’ll use this backdrop but seeing as there’s not much free content I want to try and unlock the ultimate reward each week.

Anyone else struggling to get the 5 wins? Anyone just given up on it already?

Edit: It’s really not helped by people quitting on my team either. Another has just quit in strongholds, impossible to then win 3v4.

2nd Edit: OK, so I actually won 3 of my next 6 games after posting this and unlocked it lol

Week 5 - Epic Backdrop ‘Scoreboard’ (win 5 Ranked Arena matches)

Week 4 - Epic Sniper Rifle Weapon Coating ‘Abbey Lime’ (earn 15 headshot kills in PvP)

Week 3 - Epic Nameplate ‘Sacrifice’ (win 17 matches in PvP)

Week 2 - Epic Mk VII Armor Coating ‘Willow Tea’ (earn 5 killing sprees in Fiesta)

Week 1 - Rare Mk VII Visor ‘Sigil’ (complete 15 matches in PvP)

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Theres also the fact that the backdrop just doesn’t look worth it, armour parts? yeh thats worth it, a backdrop for a nameplate? not so much.


I felt nothing when I unlocked that yesterday, I won’t use it but the 400 xp were nice.
Back to MCC Halo 2A matchmaking until the next weekly challenges.


I typically play solo/duo controller input to avoid PC players as best I can. That being said, for this challenge I went into open/crossplay as I still had to complete placement matches in that. Seemed a little easier than having to sweat it out with people in my same rank.


They just trying to keep the “eSports” alive by forcing people like you and me who love collecting all the shinies. It hurts me deep within the dark empty vessel that is the body of mine, tethered to this perplexed existence as we shovel evaporative lost symbols into each others eyes.

I’m not even going to bother finishing it this week most likely. All week it’s been ranked challenges and now on top of those they want us to get 5 wins. Now 5 wins sounds like nothing except when you solo queue like I do you get bad teammates more than you do good ones. Which means I lose more than I do win. So something that should be easy turns into a frustrating mess.

They didn’t want us grinding all week for these dumb rewards yet made this week the worst it’s been. I get that HCS was this weekend, but that’s why they should have made the reward HCS based and not the challenges. All week it’s been nothing but win certain game modes in ranked.

Which is why I’m not even going to bother this week with finishing. Challenges are annoying enough to where a toaster background doesn’t make it worth it to spend all week grinding ranked instead of actually having fun with the game.

As soon as I saw the Ultimate challenge I just stopped playing.


A more productive thing to do would be to post your gamertag, your rank and then ask if anyone wants to party up.

This applies to everyone, not you specifically, when I say this. 5 wins is nothing at all. Absolutely nothing. Babies would rather complain on a forum than put their heads down and do it.

If everyone in this thread that loves to blame their team for their failings was to group up then surely they’d be unstoppable.

A lot of players, myself included, prefer to hop on for a few games individually, not party up and search in teams.

I’m aware that forming a team would make it easier to get the win, but that’s not something I really do.

Not really sure the babies comment was warranted but whatever.

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If you actively would rather play solo then you, or anyone else, are not in a position to complain about the ramifications of the decision you actively keep making.

Maybe not ‘babies’ but very child-like. They’re meant to be challenges; it’s just a shame the rewards are so pathetic.

I don’t mean to be a -Yoink!- but people keep complaining about this weekly challenge. 343 won’t get rid of it. Just get a friend or do an lfg. Some might even enjoy themselves.

I didn’t make threads when I was stuck playing Fiesta or BTB.

Surely. Except not everyone has the same schedule. Not everyone wants to hop on and play hours of ranked and have you ever even tried to find 3 people to play? I’m guessing not since you think it happens the second you post LFG. Guess what it doesn’t. The majority of the time you spend most of your free time just trying to find a group and then if you do you have to hope they are half way decent or you have to look for new people which takes even more time or those people that joined can only play a game or two.

You see where I’m going with this? Finding a group isn’t as easy as you think with randoms and most people don’t want to waste half their game time hoping to find people.

People aren’t babies because we don’t want to be forced to play ranked or spend half our game time looking for a group for a game mode they don’t want to play. Might be okay for kids not in school, but not us adults who work full time.

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I’m not sure what to tell you. You’ve trapped yourself in a cycle.

Option 1: Give up and post on the forums about how bad it is.

Option 2: Keep grinding and eventually get it after many failed attempts.

Option 3: Get a friend and make the job so much easier and more efficient.

One of those requires no effort and two don’t.

I’m 31 years of age and I have only one friend that hasn’t completely abandoned Halo years ago. We play for an evening and get 5 wins no problem.

Again I didn’t want to play Fiesta to unlock a full armour set. I can’t stand Fiesta. Not one single forum post.

5 wins is very doable. It took me 6 games - I’m not a ranked main by any means.

I see a lot of the anti-ranked challenge stuff lately but I’m fairly certain it was a one time thing because HCS Raleigh was this just-passed weekend.

But yeah, the really generic weekly items kind of suck. The price doesn’t fit the reward. Backdrops should be for playing X games, less so winning. I still have yet to get a backdrop with swapping off System of Systems for.

We can play and still complain in the forums. Which I do because if you don’t say what you don’t like about the game then nothing will change. People like you are the reason this crap still happens because you’d rather sit back and just deal with it than let the developers know you don’t like their decisions and we aren’t exactly in the minority here. Everyone hates the fact that 343 is forcing ranked on people. Both people that don’t play ranked and people that main it. 5 wins is very doable yes, but it all comes down to chance on if you get a good team or not and yes the challenges are supposed to be challenging, but they are also supposed to be fun and that’s people biggest issue. 343 are forcing people to play crap they don’t want to play. A better alternative would have been to just win 5 PvP games or hell make it 10 that way people could play the game modes they want to play while also playing PvP.

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What crap is happening though? It’s a challenge in the game that doesn’t force anyone to ignore the objectives or force people to quit games until you get the mode you need. This is exactly what people have been asking for. Not too easy and not too difficult.

Complaining is fine when there’s something wrong. Just because a, loud, number of people don’t feel comfortable playing Slayer, Oddball, CTF and Strongholds doesn’t make them right.

Getting 5 or 10 wins in normal PvP is the same amount of chance though. What’s the difference? Is it the stress of playing ranked? In quick play you have a hidden MMR so it’s always ranked to an extent no matter what mode you play. One just doesn’t display it openly.