Week 2 of Forge Test - No changes?¿

Hey Guys,

So the forge playlist, absolutely love the idea. But really, it only works if it’s updated frequently. There have been some big hits and big misses with the playlist. This is apparent by now.

There are things that play absolutely impeccably: Slayer on Scythe, CTF/Slayer on Simplex… and then There are things that clearly should be replaced: KoTH on Despair, Infinity slayer on shutout, CTF on Garrote.

Anyone who plays the playlist knows what I’m talking about, it needs to be updated FREQUENTLY to maintain a healthy population, as well as morale. Right not, KoTH on despair is the WORST gametype/map combo I’ve played on H4 by a long shot. I don’t understand how it wasn’t instantly replaced but it should have been.

There is SOOOO much potential with this playlist, there are literally BOATLOADS of quality forge maps, but without frequent updates the population is just going to continue to decline.

So please 343, if you want the community playlist to be a success, it needs to be updated.

Oh look, here’s forgehubs thread of “Halo 4 standard maps”, I would certainly love to try some of these out *Wink wink

Also, anyone know who’s in charge of selecting the maps that get put into rotation?

The community cartographers are in charge of what gets into mm. Plus these maps are going to be put into playlists like team slayer, CTF ect, so (hopefully) reads the feedback threads and decides what should happen with the maps.

Also with KotH on Despair the only reason why it plays awful is because it doesn’t use the proper KotH variant it was made for (same situation with the rest of the maps, they weren’t made for vanilla Halo 4 settings).

I read changes can’t be made every week or two and that it’ll change in February.

I can’t stand Relay! No one wants to go in the middle unless they want to die. They should really try Dispatch. It looks like a much better choice as more of the map is actually used. It looks great for extraction which will be in the upcoming competitie playlist! Even with these problems like the hill on Dispair staying in the same spot for 3 rounds, this playlist has been the most fun that I’ve had in Halo 4. Simplex CTF is my favourite gametype, mainly because of timed weapon spawns on map (hint 343: everyone always votes for this, so It would probably be a good idea to put timed spawns into Halo again). The best part for me is that it is attracting competitive players that know what they are doing and I’ve heard from some great people!

Its getting removed next week and then there going to make changes and possibly add the maps to all the playlist.