Week 18 ultimate reward is a backdrop

What exactly is it meant to be?

My general rule on armor and ultimate rewards is “if I’m not going to use it, I will not chase it”


I couldn’t care less about the reward, it blows chunks, but whatever. I’m just going to play and if I get the challenge great, if I don’t, meh.

I get it. 343 doesn’t have alot of content. So start throwing some of them store ones in. I’d grind for A weapon add on. That’s 3 weeks right there.

Like that should be the model. Sure, you can buy it from the store, or you can grind for it in a weekly if it pops up.
The higher the rarity, the harder the challenges though. Legendary item, make the challenges BRUTAL.


I think it’s supposed to be a core from H5 Warzone

Nah. I picked up the green visor, but backdrops aren’t worth the time investment.

I will, however, play a few event matches just because the gametypes sound awesome. Stalker Swat? Yes please.

Nah, this week will primarily be cleaning up incomplete MCC achievements.

I think I know what happened but I’m not sure. Could you post a link or a line I can hunt down? At some point I started ignoring him because if he doesn’t have much to say it’s because 343i doesn’t have much to show.


When the reward is something that I can mock-up using Adobe or Inkscape, then it isn’t worth it to me personally

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Oh whaaat nooo way bro that’s EXACTLY the kind of thing i would totally wand to grind for! Dam 343 killing it in the community engagement department. :fire::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::see_no_evil:

0% chance. I went for the green visor, but a backdrop? Lmao, nah. You couldn’t pay me to grind for it. 343 even said in their podcast in December that they want to rethink weekly rewards, because most players wouldn’t be motivated to grind for a backdrop or emblem, but here we still are.

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343 has a podcast? ​

Kind of. I can’t remember if it was this video or not, but they at some point mentioned player disappointment and lacking motivation with grinding challenges for a backdrop

What happened on Reddit what I missed ?

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20 characters

Anything that isn’t a piece of armor is a hard pass.

Got shut down to extreme toxicity (that’s saying a lot coming from reddit)

I want the backdrop. What is the challenge requirement to complete the weekly Capstone?

I think like X amount of headshots

I’m not going for it. It’s kinda nice but I have some terrible challenges and I’m all out of swaps.

Bro i feel you but they are literally making all the wrong moves. Its like baking a top tier cake and squishing your fingers through it just before you serve it. Have a great game at its core just killed it going after the 1% whales in the shop