Week 18 ultimate reward is a backdrop

Legendary backdrop called core element

So are you guys going to go for it this week?

I know some people don’t bother if it’s a backdrop.


No, I won’t.

Almost every single week has just been filler content so they can put all the real cosmetics in the store


Weird thing is it’s in the game news but the challenges haven’t been released, possibly a mix up with the daylight saving change?


Absolutely not. No no no.

No chance. Completed Tactical Ops so will be playing Elden Ring or may knock out the Tactical
Ops challenges on another account.

-Yoink!- No.

  • I already Completed Tact Ops. Why am I getting challenges for it still? I don’t want to play this game type… EVER. Separate Event Challenges from Regular Challenges or remove them entirely once an event pass is completed.

  • Mediocre Weekly reward. Slapping “Legendary” quality on a back drop doesn’t mean a thing. It’s pointless low effort fluffery. If you want me to invest time to earn something, make it worth my time.

  • Challenge Exp at Max BP still go towards nothing. Either challenge XP needs to go towards something, or they need to be removed entirely once a BP is completed. The only purpose they serve is being a tedious gatekeeping mechanic.

I am glad to have another carefree week of being able to play at my own leisure. There’s some feedback for you @ske7ch


His last login here was January 21st. The tag will fall on deaf ears.

Hell no. I was 11 hours away from getting the stupid visor from last week, but then I got the 25 Mangler challenge. So those hopes were utterly dashed, because not even previewing the games from the Tactical Event playlist in the Social menu told you which type of game you were playing. So in summation, f__k 343i, and f__k Weekly Challenges, right in their ear. :fu:


It’s atrocious. Luckily I’m a uni student and can confidently pass this one by without feeling left out.

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I haven’t logged in yet…is the backdrop even any good or does it look like something a child knocked up in Paint again?

It’s a square.

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But it’s a “LegEnDArY” square.


Yes but only because it’s got a different manufacturer and I want to see if the logo gets reused.

holy cow, a LEGENDARY, square?!?!?!?!

Screw what I said, I HAVE TO GET THAT SQUARE

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I’m aware. He also hasn’t been active on Reddit or Twitter in months other than auto retweeting things from the main Halo page. Some top tier community engagement from the Community Director there. I legitimately wonder if he even still works for 343i after the Reddit explosion.


Only the very best

I personally like the backdrop, but I’m not going to grind for it, because I don’t like SWAT and have already had to force myself to play it just to complete the event pass last week.

If they’re going to force us to keep playing certain modes for events, they need to separate the event challenges from the weekly pool.


Its a legendary ugly square!

So no, i am not going through this hell again.

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Don’t even think I’ll finish tactical ops to be honest. I’ve been watching some films, series and playing Elden Ring instead last couple of weeks.

I like ranked and big team, the rest isn’t working for me.

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Too bad we have challenges tied to game types that aren’t even in the rotation. L.M.F.A.O

It’s legit fun to just dunk on this company now.