Week 12 Ultimate Reward - Epic Assault Rifle Weapon Coating 'Whispered Sky'

This week it’s the ‘Whispered Sky’ weapon coating for the assault rifle.

My prediction was wrong, I was really expecting the vehicle emblem ‘Sacrifice’ as it had appeared in weeks 3, 6 and 9.

If anyone discovers the ultimate reward unlock conditions for this week let me know.

Edit: it’s stop 3 enemy killing sprees in Fiesta

The ‘Whispered Sky’ weapon coating for the Sidekick and Battle Rifle can be unlocked as part of the Tenrai event pass by the way.

Week 12 - Epic MA40 Assault Rifle Weapon Coating ‘Whispered Sky’ (stop 3 enemy killing sprees in Fiesta)

Week 11 - Epic CQS48 Bulldog Weapon Coating ‘Neon Steel’ (win 3 Attrition matches)

Week 10 - Epic Mk VI Visor ‘Rampant’ (win 4 Attrition matches)

Week 9 - Epic Armor Emblem ‘Sacrifice’ (earn 3 Double Kills in PvP)

Week 8 - Rare Yoroi Visor ‘Shibuichi’ (complete 7 Fiesta matches)

Week 7 - Epic Backdrop ‘Splatter’ (kill 5 enemy Spartans by hitting them with a vehicle in PvP)

Week 6 - Epic Weapon Emblem ‘Sacrifice’ (kill 50 enemy Spartans in PvP)

Week 5 - Epic Backdrop ‘Scoreboard’ (win 5 Ranked Arena matches)

Week 4 - Epic S7 Sniper Rifle Weapon Coating ‘Abbey Lime’ (earn 15 headshot kills in PvP)

Week 3 - Epic Nameplate ‘Sacrifice’ (win 17 matches in PvP)

Week 2 - Epic Mk VII Armor Coating ‘Willow Tea’ (earn 5 killing sprees in Fiesta)

Week 1 - Rare Mk VII Visor ‘Sigil’ (complete 15 matches in PvP)

I believe it’s 3 killjoy medals in Fiesta. A brutal challenge.

I have a legendary challenge to get 5 before that too, so I need 8 this week. Never going to happen.


What? I have the same challenge of getting 5 killjoys before the ultimate one.

Since the first week of tenrai people complained to 343i that challenge is very situational and pure but pure luck, that’s not on the player’s ability to complete it, that’s on the enemy side to do it and hope you kill the one who has a killing spree.
And now we got to do 3 of those for the ultimate, no way of swapping.

Before the game came out they said something about no FOMO, don’t know if weekly capstone rewards are gonna be back in the future, even in the store.

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Boy oh boy, AR Coating #83
Meanwhile nothing still for the Hydra
Getting real tired of all the AR and Warthog exclusivity

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Yeah I wouldn’t be too happy about it if the weekly was something I want. Fortunately I have an AR coating I was gifted on the waypoint forums which I have no intention of ever changing

EDIT: Nvm, turns out the game just doesn’t show all the planned weeks.

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Yes, it is. Which is pretty brutal considering you’ve got a regular challenge to get 5 which you need to complete before you can start to work towards this. Are you going to use a challenge swap?

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I’m not interested in the coating so probably not.

It’s an ok coating, but I like the pink one better

Does anyone know what gun the Whispered Sky camo is supposed to be for? I finished the Fiesta Killjoy and didn’t receive anything. I did already have the camo for the Sidekick though because of the Tenrai Event . If that’s the case, that is pretty cheap. 343 really needs to Fix things like this.

It’s for the assault rifle