Week 11 Ultimate Reward - Epic Bulldog Weapon Coating 'Neon Steel'

Posting this to let people know the Ultimate Reward this week is a weapon coating for the Bulldog only.

I know when it was the Abbey Lime weapon coating in week 4 some people were expecting it to be for multiple weapons and were disappointed it was just for the sniper.

Anyway, it looks pretty cool on the Bulldog and I will likely use it to replace the Warmaster’s Prize coating I got from the campaign.

If anyone finds out the unlock requirements after completing their twenty weeklies let me know.

Edit: It’s win 3 Attrition matches

Also, I’m expecting it to be the Vehicle Emblem ‘Sacrifice’ next week to complete the set (weeks 3, 6, 9 and 12). We shall see.

Week 11 - Epic CQS48 Bulldog Weapon Coating ‘Neon Steel’ (win 3 Attrition matches)

Week 10 - Epic Mk VI Visor ‘Rampant’ (win 4 Attrition matches)

Week 9 - Epic Armor Emblem ‘Sacrifice’ (earn 3 Double Kills in PvP)

Week 8 - Rare Yoroi Visor ‘Shibuichi’ (complete 7 Fiesta matches)

Week 7 - Epic Backdrop ‘Splatter’ (kill 5 enemy Spartans by hitting them with a vehicle in PvP)

Week 6 - Epic Weapon Emblem ‘Sacrifice’ (kill 50 enemy Spartans in PvP)

Week 5 - Epic Backdrop ‘Scoreboard’ (win 5 Ranked Arena matches)

Week 4 - Epic S7 Sniper Rifle Weapon Coating ‘Abbey Lime’ (earn 15 headshot kills in PvP)

Week 3 - Epic Nameplate ‘Sacrifice’ (win 17 matches in PvP)

Week 2 - Epic Mk VII Armor Coating ‘Willow Tea’ (earn 5 killing sprees in Fiesta)

Week 1 - Rare Mk VII Visor ‘Sigil’ (complete 15 matches in PvP)


Any chance there is a pic of the Bulldog with the coating?

Not sure if this will work but try this:



Worked just fine. Thank you.

I like it. I’ll have to try for this one.

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if it is, nice
20 cartoons

At this rate, I have given up on customizing my “unique” Spartan. They haven’t put much of anything that I find appealing in the weekly ultimates or even the store. And it’s always cut into quarters and presented to us piece by piece on purpose, plus the rewards and the store is filled with all these wild colors or whacky, crazy cosmetics that really don’t make any sense. There hasn’t been one thing released in the store or the weekly ultimates that has made me say: “dude I have to have that thing.”

Nearly every purchasable/unlockable cosmetic in Infinite reminds me of silly Saturday morning cartoons.

Don’t you know this by now, they are artificially extending the length of time they can tout these ‘unique weekly rewards’.
“Why unlock one emblem one week for 13 different items? That’s 13 weeks of potential weekly reward challenges!”

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At some point, 343 is going to have to give something worth value. This penny pinching crap is really getting tiresome. They act like they aren’t making any money at all off of Infinite.

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That’s why it blows my mind when people either
A) Defend the pricing, call you entitled for wanting it lower, companies should charge what they want, not what the customer wants
B) Tell you this is a live service game, servers cost money to run, and you got the game for free when a very large part of the customization system, something that makes HALO as popular as it is, was gutted from the previous games to turn into a macrotransaction shop.

and you know what, an extra C for those beta shop testers:
C) Tell you prices are being updated accordingly, but the people who are stupid enough to buy stuff in the first place don’t deserve kickbacks for being the guinea pigs to give 343 the data they needed to realize ‘oh wait, $20 for a pink trail- is that ethical?’ as if they needed data to realize they were too high in the first place-

IDK how the activision team was handling COD but maybe the COD devs can fix the halo server issues, and maybe even throw them some advice on how to run an ethical in game shop without getting rid of player customization in most of it’s entirety.

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I understand 343 needs to make some money from this game, but they are making all around terrible choices in the store. The Weekly Ultimates are also very disappointing.

Once Dying Light 2, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, and a few other games drop… Infinite is barely going to get any attention from me. 343 needs to step up their game or they are never making it to the playoffs.

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The more I look at this whole situation 343 has, the more I do not understand why they didn’t just stick to a REQ pack system ala Apex. I have a lot of doubt that any game with loot boxes would do bad financially, especially one as ‘big’ (infinite seems to get smaller and smaller the more I look at it) as this one.

And yeah dude Elden Ring is gonna.
I mean it’s gonna be a minute before I stop playing that.

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That’s another title that’s gonna eclipse Halo Infinite. It’s hype alone makes Halo Infinite look like an indie game.

Not bad, but not something I’d use. I’ll save my challenge swaps for something better. I’ll pass.