Website Designer needed Dominating 200+ Mem. Comp

Hi IAmDrrunnmk here leader of PartyUpGaming & PartyUpGaming Alpha.

Our company is looking for a website designer someone to take our company to the next level. Someone who is serious about taking the effort in this task and also about being an interactive part of our company and helping run it if up for it.

Although we have very high requirements to join we will be making an exception to any website designers that would like to help our cause. Join and party up on a daily basis with a full 12 player war zone lobby of players 50+ Level averages K/D ratio 1.3+ pretty sweet deal right?

About our company:
We are a well organized company of 200+ Members currently looking to grow more soon.
Our #1 Goal is playing together. We are all for Partying Up, hense our name.
Super active company.


  • We average 1.35 K/D for the Company - Average KDA 2.5 - Average Win/Lose Ratio 67% - Average Spartan Level 40+
    Any other questions or concerns feel free to message me.