Weather affects in halo 4 forge???

Should weather effects be in halo 4 forge??
It should please 343i make it happen!!!

Weather effects

I think it would make a great edition to forge!!!
that way we wouldnt see the same thing over and over again

except of course if your indoors lol :slight_smile:

I guessing that would be hard/even impossible to do but that would be so cool imagen if you could have downpours and lightning storms

It’d be almost impossible to implement that sort of coding into a forge feature. It would be very nice but I doubt it’ll happen. They could “cheat” a sort of rain layer by adding a layer of the UI which mimics the appearance of 3D rain particles falling from the sky. Although it probably wouldn’t give satisfactory results.

two ways this would be possible? the UI method mentioned above, or a particle system.

The ui method is most commonly used. its basically putting a animated 2d image directly in front of the game camera. The main downfall is that it would also appear indoors, unless 343 implemented some kind of system that detected if the area a person was in was pretty much closed off. which i cant think of any way that would be possible.

The particle system method is different. It emits individual planes of polies for, say, snowflakes or rain drops. this alters performance MUCH more. The only way to not make it work indoors would to place colliders on each flake or drop, which would destroy the framerate even more.
Lightning isnt very hard, just a bit of cool lighting effects.

So yea, thats about it. if they did this, they would most likely have to use the Ui method, somehow.

This would be awesome, however as other have said before me, it would be difficult and could use a lot of resources.

One more thing I would like to add is that all the shadows on the maps of Halo games have always been pre-rendered, and with the 360 being pretty much maxed out, I don’t think we will be seeing shadows rendered in real-time on Halo until next generation. It uses up a lot of resources that could be used elsewhere. That’s why in forge none of the structural (main map building) pieces have shadows. So having day, night and overcast would be a lot more work. They would have to pre-render shadows for each type of weather on every map, which require more valuable development time.

im sorry i made a mistake i didnt mean to put indoors that would be dumb

> im sorry i made a mistake i didnt mean to put indoors that would be dumb

that would be kinda funny to see rain inside your FULLY SEALED house