weapons tuning has ruined halo 5

im so sick of this new weapon re-balancing! the new cross map pea shooter that the magnum has become has completely ruined the halo sandbox, it has completely ruined the maps. why use any other weapon when you can cross map kill or super close range kill with the magnum? why traverse the map for power weapons and the best positioning when you can camp in one spot and nuke people with the magnum from on high? sprinting has ruined the speed chess feel of halo already, and now this terrible damage modifier patch has ruined PvP completely imo. ill just stick to firefight until 343 listens to the community

I liked the weapons tuning. Just wish the H5BR fired just a slight bit faster.

The magnum is objectively a better ranged weapon now, but that doesn’t take away the significance of having power weapons and map control. You’re blowing this way out of proportion. The magnum is versatile at most ranges, but it’s not the best at all ranges. Close range, AR is much better. Long range, DMR is much better. Heck, even medium range I’d rather be holding a DMR. As for power weapons, not even a contest. You want to try and five someone when they have a shotgun pointed dead at your chest? Or get that nasty perfect on a guy across the map with a sniper on your head?

I’d also like to ask why you’re posting this on an account that’s never touched Halo 5 or the forums in general before this?

I’m not in total agreement but the update was to make the sandbox have a better balance I do feel it has in fact made it worse. Your correct there is no reason to pick a BR up now , the magnum is far superior ( consistency of the BR shots are horrible why in a skill based game make a weapon have random spread taking the precision skill away. ) they should of reduced RRR & aim assist and this should of been enough to increase the difficulty. However the AR I really like now it does take some skill when using it against good players but again I now have no reason to pick up the SMG & storm rifle making these obsolete . I liked the concept of the sandbox update but mostly the implementation and outcome has been poor . The bugs that’s come AGAIN with another update is really quite poor ( putting it mildly ) .
This is the issue I have. This is what gives me most concerns for future halo games. MCC was a mess the hit detection alone was almost the worse thing I’ve every experienced in a FPS , I’ve had similar problems with hit detection in halo 5 . ( Showing that 343 are unable to address and actually fix a major issue. ) Heavy aim HAS BEEN the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in a FPS , it literally ruined the first 18 months of halo 5s lifespan for me ( this is no exaggeration it was beyond awful , totally unplayable at times . ) Again never truly fixed certainly improved but not fixed the understanding of what caused heavy aim and what would fix it eluded 343 with them even stating exactly that on these forums. On top of these two major major problems we have had numerous bugs , glitches , server problems , lag , frozen screens , being booted etc etc etc the list is long . I’m sure everyone that’s totally honest with themselves and can objectively view the game with unbiased eyes can think of a few quality of life issues. There’s been enough reports by multiple people on these forums, YouTube, twitch , Reddit etc to show it’s not a few isolated cases but a widespread common occurrence. I mention this because these are the issues that should be fixed , the actual quality of the build . This is a fundamental, a must , necessary of a major title which halo is . Halo being THE AAA Xbox title. If the art style or the games mechanics aren’t your thing then that’s fine that’s subjective to the individual ( I enjoy the mechanics, hate the art style- that’s my opinion) but when the game actually doesn’t function properly because of poor workmanship then that’s unacceptable. These are the issues updates should be for in halo 5 two years later, quality of life fixing. I would like to see improvements to the build make sure that 343 can learn from the mistakes and in future give us a fixed mcc a fully functional halo 5 showing they can understand their own product being able to fix problems they have made . Learn how to remove these problems leading on to a really high quality built halo 6. Then the player , the halo community can actually enjoy 343s vision of halo whatever that looks like. The player can actually have the chance to enjoy 343s vision from the get go not be stuck behind broken play.
I say this because I really enjoy halo 5s multiplayer when it works but it never really has fully so this is what I’d like to see because I love halo and want the absolute best for its future.

If you have any constructive feedback to offer, we already have a pinned thread for weapon tuning. Feel free to use that one