Weapons Stopped Working

Playing campaign (Xbox One), in the “Conservatory” mission on Legendary. Just got past a big difficult battle sequence with the seekers and found the final piece of Mjollnr equipment upgrades (the thruster). Immediately following the short cutscene and checkpoint, my gun stopped firing, my melee stopped working, my grenades won’t throwI, I can’t switch weapons, and I can’t zoom. (I have a VK78 and Heatwave, both with near full ammo, and 2 shock grenades / spike grenades in my inventory.)

I CAN however still move, aim, jump, sprint, open the map/database, pause, use all of the equipment, (including the grapple ground pound weirdly), drop a weapon, & pick up a weapon.

Death doesn’t reset anything. Quitting out to the main menu and reloading SEEMED to have done the trick at first. It took me to the checkpoint before I picked up the thruster and all my weapons worked. It also showed the thruster in my suit equipment inventory already. When I continued to pick up the thruster again, my guns keep working just fine. However the thruster disappears from the suit equipment UI and shows a blank item with 0 charges, and I can’t use it. The database still shows that I have it and shows the upgrade for 2 charges that I had already purchased. After completing the mission and finding another Spartan core everything seems to be back to normal.