Weapons skins and Weapon commendations

Something I’d like to see, as a way to further enhance character customization would be the adaptation of weapon accommodations. Say you have a certain number of perfect kills with a BR, or a number snapshots with a Sniper. When complete you can earn a new weapon skin. For example; with the AR, complete weapon accommodation 500 kills for unique sharktooth grin skin. Complete all commendations for unique variant- MA37 variant from Reach. Doesn’t change the weapons performance, just the look and maybe sound.
Maybe for the BR, complete 500 perfect kills and get the H2 BR variant.
Just something to give players something else to shoot-lol for.
Just a thought.

I don’t mind just make those Marine kills and Mongoose destroyer commendations easier.

There could definitely be such rewards for commendations for various gamemodes. At least completing something to get something is better than RNG lottery machine.

Also, as mentioned. Maybe do something about mongoose and such commendations since its rather rare to destroy a mongoose given its not so popular vehicle. Maybe merge it with other commendations like destroy UNSC vehicles or something like that. Or just have a playlist with mongooses and rockets for example like team doubles race.