weapons setup & strategy in FFA to get better

Hey Guys!
As i’m platinium 2 in FFA and i want to progress, i’d like to know what typical weapons setups you use?
For example in team slayer, I use one precision gun for mid/long range : BR/magnum/DMR - and one short range gun : AR/shotgun/ SMG.

In FFA it’s less clear for me, as we are most of the time very close to the 5 other opponents. At the begging i was using magnum a lot but it wasn’t working for me (sometimes it’s difficult to focus on the opponent and a few shots go over the shoulder for example, then I got killed by shorter ranges guns
That was after reading the post « How to Get Champion in FFA (Text/Video) »

So following Vetoed video where he was never using magnum, i started using mainly AR and i’ve been making a lot more frags.

But the guns setup and strategy is now less clear for me.

What setup do you use, and do you stay back from the fights as in « How to Get Champion in FFA (Text/Video) » post : since this post FFA change from 8 to 6 players.

Thanks in advance for your advices guys !

anyone :slight_smile: ?

First of all, don’t bump your threads, it’s against the forum rules.

Tips (take this with a grain of salt I’m not a huge ffa player, I like team play):

Always, and I mean always, check your back. For the most part every 15-20 seconds you can expect an enemy coming from behind you.

Play defensively, offense is usually the downfall of many players in FFA.

Around corners into tight hallways, nade the crap out of it.

Oops sorry, I must read more carefully the rules.

Thanks for your advices. I’ll try to work on my nervous/offensive moments, to get less stressed and more efficient

As the name suggests, anything goes in Free-for-all. As such, you have to play a little carefully and creatively. As a former Diamond II, I can spare you some tips:

  • There’s no holding back - things are going to get ugly. - Stay alert - anyone and anything could kill you from nowhere. - Keep moving around, but do hunker down in a safe place once in a while. - Closely observe your enemies to anticipate their behaviour. - Use everything in the map’s environment to your advantage.

I’m going to add:

  • Generally replace your AR and Magnum with better weapons, like BR and SMG. Then you have one more advantage when you encounter another player. - Pretty obvious, but controlling power weapons is KEY. You can get a lot of easy kills with them, so be aware of when they’re spawning (that includes OS and AC). - If you hear an engagement going on, head in that direction and try to get cleanup kills, but don’t be too hasty. - Work on your magnum shot. You’ll be using it quite a lot, even if you use my first tip, so you want to be accurate with it. My suggestion is some Octagon with someone better than you, or WZA with only your Magnum. - Know the spawn points on each map, and get a feel for the flow of the map.

Thank you guys for your very nice advices!
ill try it tomorrow as I’m back home, to get ready for the new season !

FFA can be very tough. The real answer is there really isn’t an answer. When I watched the pros during FFA at HCS a lot them seemed to mostly rely on their pistols or getting to a BR as they are the best weapons to pick off kills with. Save your AR or SMG for up close fights. But it all depends on each individual preference and how each individual game is going.

I recommend watching Luke The Notable´s grind to champ in FFA series on Youtube. Lot´s of good advice in there in my opinion.

Learning the spawns is huge too, if you see two people die in the killfeed try to get the jump on one of them as they respawn.

Spawns are key.

I didn’t really new that respsawn was so important. I’ll look at it. Do you have good link or advices about how respawns works and how I adapt myself to this ?

Thanks a lot for all your answers. I did a game (before your spawns posts) and I felt better using your advices !

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> I didn’t really new that respsawn was so important. I’ll look at it. Do you have good link or advices about how respawns works and how I adapt myself to this ?
> Thanks a lot for all your answers. I did a game (before your spawns posts) and I felt better using your advices !

I’d say play a game or two then go into theater. Watch where people spawn after they die, then look at where the people that are alive are standing. For example on Empire, let’s say you and someone else kill each other outside by turbine. Now let’s say there are two people fighting in tower and two people fighting in red base.

Now chances are you’ll either spawn blue base, blue alley or back outside where you had just died. Let’s say you spawn outside near turbine. You can make an educated guess that there’s probably someone in tower and red base based on the sounds of combat and where you have spawned. You can also guess that the guy you just traded with will spawn in blue base or blue alley.

It’s never quite this easy because things move fast and it’s hard to predict what moves people will make. But this can at least give you a chance at guessing where your danger will come from.

Also, it’d be good to note where people tend to run off spawn. Like if that guy spawns blue alley, he’ll probably head back outside through blue base or straight from the alley to the tower.

Another important thing to remembered is to time powerups. They spawn 2 minutes after pickup, so if one is picked up at 11:50 you might want to think about heading over to the spawn point a little before 9:50 to scope out if anyone is camping for it and get ready to pounce for it when it respawns.

It’s also important to note it takes a second or two for the powerup to activate and that’s when the count down for respawn begins. So if it’s picked up at 11:50, it’ll be up again at 9:48. Hope that’s not confusing. Anyway, I’m sorry if my typing is a little everywhere I typed this at different times throughout the day. Hope it helps!