Weapons not showing up properly

Since MOR update, my game constantly messes up with showing my weapons on the screen. Most of the time they don’t even show up and are completely invisible or they are stuck in a wierd position. For instance, today in a game of slayer my AR was stuck completely vertical right in the middle of my screen to where I couldn’t even see what I was shooting at. I took a couple of screen shots and I will insert the links. The first link shows my AR stuck, the 2nd one shows my magnum from the same game where my hands and arms weren’t in the screen and the magnum was also stuck in the same spot the whole time. The last link is a screenshot from a warzone game I was in today where my weapons wouldn’t even show up on the screen at all. It makes it very difficult when I’m using melee weapons because I can’t see where my hammer or sword is swinging. I would really like to get an answer as to why this is happening to me and if someone could please fix it.