Weapons in swat

Please make it too were we can use the pistol and the BR I’m tired of 20 Matches straight of pistol swat being able to use both pistol and BR…make that happen stop forcing us to play the same thing over and over also add CTF to swat make it happen show care to the fans bungie did why don’t u

Yes I Agree, There needs to be more game variants including more weapons, like the carbine, lightrifle, DMR.

The spawn zones also need to be redone. The majority of the SWAT maps are totally open, so the odds of being spawnkilled are good 30% chance.

And thats not to mention the fact that half the time when you die, you spawn 10 feet away. In the middle of a firefight.

yes !!! Please fix this 343 !!! I played for 2 hours yesterday and an hour this morning, Out of those 3 hours I was lucky to get 4 BR games. I don’t understand how they are calling this Swat. Swat has always been a BR or DMR start with pistols as a secondary weapon. I am all for the odd game of magnums but this is absolutely ridiculous. If you want it to be magnums all the time, just give it a separate playlist. Lets actually get Swat back to being Swat, it is so frustrating this playlist has just been completely destroyed. I’ve been playing Swat since Halo 2 and I have never jumped into games hoping to play magnums every single game. I could play Swat all night long and now it is just so hard to make it through an hour of straight magnums in hopes of a BR game.

oh and it’s not about being good or bad with the magnum, it is just pure frustration that this is not how Swat is supposed to be.