Weapons from older games that I'd like to see return in Halo Infinite

In before the sandbox puritans shoot this down using their copy and paste “redundancy” arguments. Little do they realize weapons in real life are fairly redundant.

I wanna see reach’s nade launcher, that thing was so much fun. I never really got to use the sticky det in MP for halo 4, but Ive heard its a real treat as well.

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US military out here with like 5 rifles in 5.56 that serve mostly the same purpose and are only really different by branch

really though if the sandbox purists want a pure sandbox, give them a custom game setting to enable it and let the rest of us enjoy the chaos that is halo with all those sweet weapons

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I think the heatwave is an amazing gun and is a way better and more fun shotgun class weapon than the bulldog and reflecting the shots and getting a kill with them is always very cool.

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Now doesn’t the stalker rifle function similarly to the beam rifle? Looking at the stalker rifle, it looks similar to the beam rifle and uses the beam similar to that of the beam rifle. Now the flamethrower, fire grenades, Missile Pod, and Railgun should all return, which would be a good idea.

The Stalker is trying to be a re-worked Covenant Carbine. The Beam Rifle is more akin to the Sniper Rifle, but with a higher rate of fire and a possibility of overheat.