Weapons disappear too quickly in multiplayer

One thing that I have found frustrating is the fact that it seems like every time I die in multiplayer while carrying a power weapon, by the time I respawn and get back to where I died, the weapon has disappered. I am pretty sure no one else picked it up because many times there was no one near me or I was in an out-of-the-way place when I died. No one saw me drop it. I think the simplest solution to this would simply be to increase the amount of time a weapon can sit on the ground before it disappears to allow whoever was using it a chance at retrieving it when they respawn. What do you think?

I haven’t had this problem. I suggest you go back in Theater and double check no one actually picked it up. Even if there is no one around you an aware player will know where someone is with a power weapon. You wouldn’t be saying this if you had played H4. That was a terrible 8 second spawn I believe.