Weapons De-Spawn Way Too Quickly

I understand that increased graphics mean the game has to cut corners to avoid lag, but if you die with a power weapon and you immediatly run back to where you died, there is a 1 in 50 chance it will acctually still be there. This would be okay (price of death is no more power weapon), except sometimes when you kill an enemy who had a gun you wanted, the gun is gone by the time you get there, even if the enemy was only a couple feet away. It seems that often, weapons despawn the moment the holder dies. I don’t think there is anything that can be done about this, but it makes war games a little less fun (at least it doen’t seem to affect campaign).

I agree, it’s really annoying to die and have your weapon be gone in less than 5 seconds.

It makes collecting Light Rifles on Infinity a -Yoinking!- pain in the -Yoink-.

But you know what the sad thing is? It’ll take 343 months to address this issue.

If they ever do.

Besides the excessively long lag times when someone quits out, despawning weapons are probably the next worst thing about H4 MM. I’d gladly sacrifice improved graphics just for this fix.

They really do despawn rather quickly. I wonder if it’s lag, or since we all get personal ordinance, it keeps the filed from being littered with power weapons? I wish they could make the power weapons despawn time different than the loadout ones. It may not be an option, but a a global setting rather.

I read somewhere that the de-spawn time is 10 seconds unless you are looking at the weapon or immediately around it. Just bump this up to 15-20 seconds and I think it would be just fine. Nothing worse than picking up a power weapon and getting sniped immediately after and losing it for good.

Have to agree here. It does happen in campaign too.

I have swapped weapons to take out some enemy then went to pick up mt hard earned weapon again only for it not to be there.

Sometime you need to put down the Incierator Cannon to pick up a Binary Rifle say. Take your shots with rifle, turn round to pick up cannon and it’s gone. Really makes me think twice about dropping a weapon.

Your right, they do de-spawn way too quickly, but 343 dose not care about our opinions so don’t hope for any change.