Weapons and Vehicles Needed for Forge!

Unforchnetly Halo: Reach lacks some of the really cool weapons and vehicles from Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. I got this idea from the forum that asks what you would like in Halo 4 in the multiplayer section of the forum. But they killed some of the best weapons and vehicles in Halo: Reach! They should have all of the past weapons in the forge maps, Carbine, Beam Riffal, Hornets. It was a real let down to find out a lot of Halo: Wars vehicles were made up! (Espacialy the vulters!) I’m thinking they should bring all of past weapons and vehicles to the forge maps, even Halo: Wars! Now how cool would it be to pilot a Vulter! Please reply, ignore the bad spelling!

As much as I like Falcons, what happened to the Hornets, man? I love Plasma Launchers and Focus Rifles**, but what happened to the Carbines and Beam Rifles**? Halo Wars invents great vehicles like Grizzlys, Vultures and Vampires**, but they don’t connect to any other Halo game**. WHY? I can’t think of a better game to end Halo with the new map pack and a DLC bringing Vultures and Vampires to Forge. Bringing Hornets to Forge. Bringing Beam Rifles and Carbines to Forge. Come on Bungie, bring them all back!

Saving memory and keeping the performance at suitable levels could be one possible reason. They did say even having a crashed Pelican on Valhalla took up a lot of resources. One of the reasons there is no pilotable pelican in the game other than the little easter egg on Exodus.

Very broad idea, very good idea, very difficult idea.
Having a vulture or pelican in forge would be crazy difficult but crazy awesome!
The idea sounds very tricky to do, but maybe possible… I wish to add some things which I hope for “if” another FPS Halo game came out:

*Elephant (Actually Forgable >:D)
*Civilian Vehicles
*Forklift (That works, Reach’s upset me)

On another not you said that you wished for the beam rifle back right? It doesn’t have a place within the story, its like asking for a flood themed firefight map in Halo 3: ODST. Not a bad idea… but not a good one either.