Weapons and bayonet variants question.

So playing turbo, i started using the one bayonet variant i have, the level 8 assault rifle variant. When not running it seems to kill in one hit however when charging it seems to only take the shields down most of the time i’ve found. Just wondering if this happens to anyone else and do i need the armor mod for it work better (not unlocked).

Also i charged a sniper who was crouched on the top of their base but they just moved like i nudged them. No shield flicker either, luckily i hit them again otherwise i would of felt like an idiot. I dont know if the geometry was a factor like when i saw posts about rockets being absorbed by stairs but still annoying.

Ya bayonet does not work when charging. Otherwise it’s a melee 1-hit kill. Bayonets are beasts.

Yeah they don’t buff Charge damage. One hit melee for sure, unless they have upgraded shields. That’s caught me off guard a few times.

For a one hit charge, it requires the grav-hammer, energy sword, or speed boost. (energy sword or hammer because the melee is essentially replaced by an actual melee weapon) It could work with a damage boost if you are using a bayonet and increased strength mod.

Agree with everything above.

And for your second point, sounds like you ran into someone with upgraded shields.

Charging is not considered melee I believe, so it’s not taking your gun attachment into account when you charge. Gotta do a good old fashioned smack to the face.