Weaponless (gamemode option request)

Along side the machinima controls option, I would love to have the option to start with NO weapons, just like in weapon drills! I love that you can still melee like this, and this would help with so many custom games, particularly…

BATTLE ROYALE. (I don’t want an official mode, but I love forge and this custom game option would be absolutely perfect for those who will take their shake at building one for Infinite.)

My only additional request to this is please have an animation for no weapons that isn’t holding an invisible sword/oddball…

any other custom game options people can think of that are beyond the standard?

I’m hoping we get as many tools to totally make creative ideas as possible.

being able to mix up gametypes, for example, would be handy for someone trying to make an invasion style map.

I’d also love to see infection options that are on par with halo 2 anniversary.

I want gun game to return, but with more options for teams. I’ve played other games where the team have three kills to get with each weapon. One player could get all three kills with that weapon, but once all three are secured the whole team upgrades to the next weapon. It’s really fun version of gun game and works wonders for team play.

That would be great. Gun game can be fun in action sack playlists.

Being able to start weaponless would have huge potential for custom games and I love the idea entirely. Halo Infinite already feels like it could have some crazy Action Sacks games and custom games, and I can’t wait to see what the community can come up with over time.