Weapon Zoom & Scope Seperation in Settings

I have a suggestion I would like to see added to Halo Infinite (and back-ported to Halo 5 if possible) as a option in the settings.

Currently, playing with Zoom Toggle On means that we have to hit the zoom button twice to de-scope from initial zoom on weapons with multiple zoom levels, as a second press will toggle to it’s greater zoom level (like in older Halo games). Given however, that there is already the option to toggle zoom level implemented in the sprint button, and that Halo Infinite remembers your zoom level upon de-scope (if not done with a second zoom button press), I would like to see an option to make the zoom button purely toggle scope & de-scope, leaving zoom level to it’s dedicated button and cleaning up our option selection.

This is a feature I feel would improve game feel and would greatly appreciate. Thank you.

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I’m fairly sure the reason this exists is to preserve the classic Zoom mechanics for anyone who wants to use a pre-H5 style button layout, and Zoom by tapping RS instead of holding LT. I’m not sure who still does this, but it would be really awkward for anyone who does to suddenly need to get used to using LS instead of RS double taps to adjust from 10x to 5x.

It’s also probably more intuitive this way for MnK players, many of which tap M2 to zoom instead of holding it and might prefer just having M2 as the sole zoom function button than need to dedicate a second button to toggling zooms.

For context: I’ve played Halo since inception and currently play on the Recon Button Layout [Sprint/Zoom Level set to X & Scope on RS] & have since Halo 4. I understand the appeal to classic Halo’s and that some people would like it better that way (which is why I proposed a toggle in the settings as opposed to default) but for me personally I would like to see an option to separate it as I’ve been using the Zoom Level toggle since shortly after it was introduced in Halo 5 and find it to be a much cleaner separation than double click RS.