Weapon wish list for future halo infinite seasons

Bellow is my weapon wishlist for future infinite seasons.

T3 shotguns

right now the shotgun “class” of weapons has two good medium range t2 shotguns, one that focuses on utility the other on consistancy. To round things out I think the game needs a few power weapon shotguns bellow are my two ideas.


You know it, you love it, you also hate it. The halo CE shotgun, with a long range this gun can one tap at point blank being loaded with high impact buck shot it has less pellets and a higher spread then the standard bulldog. but makes up for it in kill potential and ammo cap with a staggering 8 rounds of ammo, being loaded as an 7+1… yeah it is only one more then the bulldog but hey its fire rate slower so more ammo.

Double barrel

A single shot shotgun in the “pistol” design like the mangler, the double barrel is a cut down civilian shotgun designed for sports shooting and bird hunting. Spartans have taken to using it do to its spread and ability to wipe out squads of grunts in a single shot, this is do to modern hunting shells that use plasma propellant, popular with mixed unit squads.

gameplay wise: this is a one shot weapon firing two barrels of “bird shot” at the targets, the barrels fire in a double action left then right meaning if you are only hit by one wave of them you can survive at close range. The advantage to this weapon its its ability to blanket a large area with damage allowing for easier fire fights.

note: only kills at point blank range if both shells hit, but will strip shields and damage health up to medium range.

t1-3 Machine guns

the automatic class is something for us casuals, but right now we only really have the commando as a t2 and the AR as a t1. We need more for this class to be filled out bellow are a few suggestions

M750 SAW

An upgrade to the m739 saw the m750 replaces the drum mag with a more reliable side mounted box mag, to increase stability stabilization gets and an AI linked computer system where added making it a tool to be feared in the hands of a spartan.

Game play: 250 rounds of pain with a 20 round to kill (1.5 seconds), instead of a zoom it has “emplacement” mode which activates the jets slowing your movement and removing most recoil increasing accuracy and range this comes at the cost of making you an easy target as flame coming from the front of the gun isn’t hard to miss. Note the gun automatically enters this mode when you are in the passenger of a vehicle.


Heavy, bulky, and with an unreliable 60 round box mag using a propellant that the UNSC just regained access to the Ma5B isn’t most spartans first choice of rifle, but it is one to chose for those who like laying down fire. This t2 machine gun has a few advantages over the newer ma40, the first being it is heavier leading to less recoil, the second being the nostalgia factor as most soldiers have used this weapon in the early days of the human covenant war.

game play: It is the assault rifle, but with a larger mag and less spread, designed for slightly longer ranges its zoom is 1.6 instead of the base 1.45. Gameplay loop wise it is an upgrade in most ways to the standard AR the only down side its it has a slower reload and melee do to its weight.


the ODST variant of the M20 SMG, this version is equipped with a suppressor, a laser sight, and a 1.65x scope. While the standard M20 has lost favor with spartans do to the inroduction of the sidekick and trade deals allowing needlers to be bought. The M20 ODST has remained.

gameplay: doesn’t reveal you on radar when you shoot, in base mode is automatic, when scoping in the spartan activates the stock and laser swapping to burst fire. (the weapon is head shot capable but not at the BR ranges. This is meant as a stop gap between the BR and AR have the ability to burst fire and head shot but taking more time to do it. this is a T1 weapon.

Side variant: m20 standard, this version doesn’t have the suppressor and is meant for map makers and game modes.


Ok this game lacks a good t1 utility launcher, for this I suggest the Reach grenade launcher. Single shot requires 2 direct hits to kill. (do to shield improvements sense reach.) and has the ability to EMP vehicles if timed right.


I would like the Fuel Rod to come back

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SAme but as it has been leaked I didn’t post it, that and I focused on UNSC weapons for some reason.

On covenant

I wish we had the fuel rod, carbine, plasma caster, plasma rifle, storm rifle, and beam rifle back.

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Beam Rifle needs to come back for team snipers. You need to be able to pick up a secondary, but one with the same difficulty of use of the regular sniper. Also, rapid double shotting people with it is incredibly satisfying.

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Shock Rifle not good enough for you?

I think they should add. the plasma rifle,because this gun has been absent for way to long, grenade lancher, especially because this is a reach themed season, the beam rifle would be cool and they should also add the brute grenade launcher


Talking to people in the halo leaks discord. Got an idea


The reaper, is a civilian Double barrel shotgun that the banished have stolen and or purchased which is unknown and heavily modified. swapping its internals and hybridizing its 4 gauge civilian load. This thing fires a mix of bird shot and dragons breath rounds. At first it was unknown why the Banished would use such an impractical weapon, until testing revealed it is perfectly designed to knock out shields of several targets at once and can even kill a sanghelli at point blank range.

Gameplay: the double barrel idea in the first post, but with a flame effect and bayonet.

I would like to see the following weapons return:

  • CE Plasma Rifle c/w plasma stun
  • Reach Grenade Launcher
  • Sticky Detonator
  • Target Locator
  • H5 AR (but this should be a re-work of the current AR)
  • H2 Brute Shot

Apparently data miners have found the files for vehicles as well as weapons that are currently not available within the game. Obviously they aren’t finished, but some are there.

Yeah but all the found weapons where left overs, the only thing that might be coming is an APC type vehicle and an energy version of the fuel rod gun.

There are a few others like a brute LMG and the covenant carbine with a large scope but no clue about those.

i want the railgun back it was the closest thing to a bow we’ve ever had


Technically that got replaced with the skewer.

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Stalker Rifle
khaby lame obvious

Its scope doesn’t zoom in as far; its more in between the battle rifle and sniper rifle in that regard

Probably in Forge

One thing I hope we get with forge is the ability to place modified weapons like the glitch in five that allowed you to have scopless supressed BRs.

the skewer sucks and is no replacement

Don’t use the scope on the skewer and it stops sucking.

DMR, SMG, Saw, a real shotgun, and swap the sidekick for the H5 magnum.

I mean the bulldog is a real shotgun, you use it at longer ranges though.

I fully support any double barrel shotgun idea. It’s wild Halo has yet to have one, theyre always awesome