Weapon/Vehicle/Powerups Respawn Time??

Are there any standard respawn time for power weapons/vehicles?

In Reach I could time the major power weapons such as the Rockets and Grenade Launcher because they spawned roughly every 3 minutes. Snipers usually around 2 etc.

For Halo4, I haven’t found any information on weapon/vehicle static respawn time and they seem to all vary greatly from one another?

A majority of weapons aren’t on static timers like prior games, they usually drop in via initial ordnance at the start of the game, and then randomly throughout the game, weapons will drop in via random ordnance.

This isn’t the case for Landfall & Monolith from the Majestic DLC, they both have two minute static Rocket Launcher timer.

As for vehicles, it all depends on the map.


Ah, I haven’t played too much to since they changed around all the maps on June 3rd.

Sorry :confused: