Weapon variety + thoughts on some balancing. (Plus some stuff about equipment in multiplayer.)

Alright, lets be honest. Infinite’s weapons are largely unsatisfying in a majority of the current modes we have available to us. I get that they didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of Halo 5 and have 99 Req weapon options, but they could have done more.

“SMG” (Needler, kind of the Sentinel beam)
For instance. They have no real “SMG” in the game, and I’m sorry but I don’t count sentinel beam as a true SMG. I don’t know if the Needler counts, but I’ll list it here anyways. It’s way too strong, and I thought it had been strong in Halo 5. In this game it may as well be free godmode. I’m not saying it’s the absolute best gun in the game, but it shouldn’t be as powerful as it is regardless of how good it is. The tracking is so strong, and it makes me wonder if the Needler and Plasma pistol swapped the strength they home in on players with.

-Commando & Stalker Rifle/DMR
The DMR is nowhere to be seen, with a lot of us thinking the commando would be the one to replace it, until we learned that it’s the definition of bullet spread and poor hit registration. Simply because it’s full auto. The Stalker rifle feels like a DMR which is trying too hard to act like a Sniper Rifle, with four shots to kill, a sniperlike scope and shape, but it’s simply inefficient when compared to the regular sniper rifle as far as it’s strength and reliability goes. It’s more reliable than the commando, but definitely not as good when it comes to a rate of fire.

Shotgun/Bulldog & Mangler
The Bulldog is okay, but it just feels like it’s trying too hard to change up a formula which has been in place since Halo CE. That being that the shotgun is designed to be effective in close quarters, taking one to two shots at most. The Bulldog’s minimal hits to kill is 2. It averages to 3, and if you’re really unlucky you’re looking at 4+ shots for a single kill, in which you often die due to it’s inconsistency. We all complained about Halo 5’s inconsistent shotgun, but this… This is somehow even worse! (And I put over a hundred days on 5, I know it’s shotgun inside and out.) So from firsthand, personal experience, I can’t support the bulldog being the only proper “shotgun” in the game. The Mangler is honestly better, despite it taking more shots to kill a player, it simply feels more powerful. It holds a lot more ammo, (32 rounds total and 8 in the loader to 21 total and 7 in a drum I believe.) It’s effective, has good range, and gets the job done.

The Plasma Pistol. Lets be honest with ourselves. It SUCKS. Don’t try to defend it, if you’ve played any other Halo game you’ll know that it could be a legitimately viable support weapon when used correctly and in conjunction with a precision weapon. In this game, it barely tracks enemies before it gives up it’s chase. What happened to it? It used to EMP everything in one shot, now I can hit a scorpion four times and it does absolutely nothing. The Disruptor is a delight to use if you know what you’re doing, and it’s essentially replaced the plasma pistol in terms of it’s effectiveness. The Sidekick is good, although it’s definitely something to adjust to for those of us who played Halo 5 and got used to the Sniper rifle that was really our Magnums. No complaints with it here, it does it’s job and it does it well. To clean up and get killshots.

Power weapons/weapons I couldn’t be bothered to list in their proper places on this list.
The Sniper Rifle.
It feels different than it did in Halo 5 and I don’t know why. It feels to me like the travel time for every bullet you shoot is longer, and it almost feels more inaccurate in this game despite having what I’m almost certain is a smaller reticle. It does it’s job, but can feel clunky at times, or like it’s too slow. The Skewer is really fun to play with, the fact that the projectile arcs adds a certain level of skill to getting kills with it at range, but that just makes it more rewarding as you get better with it!

The Heatwave is unique for a number of reasons. namely the unique ability to control whether it’s projectile spread is horizontal or vertical, (or it’s alt fire mode, for those of you who like it simple). It’s a nice 3 shot kill if you hit vertical shots on a player, but it’s also good at crowd control with it’s horizontal fire mode.

This gun is a wild one, but once you tame it you’ve got a friend for life. The two shot kill is immensely satisfying and the skill it takes to calculate your angles is the only time I’ll ever have fun doing math. It’s probably a little too powerful for it’s own good, but I’m not complaining.

At first, I thought it was totally useless. Then I found out about it’s charged shot and realized it can actually be a seriously useful weapon for short term area denial. Chews through energy but I think it’s more or less fair, given how effective it can be. Besides, it isn’t a gun which is too powerful to combat.

Energy Sword.
I miss the ability to zoom in with the sword from 5, it was incredibly fun to use and I remember many times where I would hear people ask how my friends and I lunged so far. In Infinite, it feels more like past games. No zoom, feels a bit slower as far as swing speed goes, and the change to it’s energy consumption is understandable but highly irritating nonetheless.

Gravity Hammer.
Oh boy, this one still makes me mad even though I get why they did it. The swing speed and the energy consumption are my two problems with it. I have to get right into swing speed, and how much slower it is compared to Halo 5. Sure, it has a considerably larger AOE and an EMP effect, but it just still feels so slow. Sure, it hits like a brick wall but in the time it takes you to get the hammer down, your opponent just made themself coffee and read a book, then still had time to come and kill you mid swing. Also giving us ten hits instead of twenty is much more reasonable from a balancing standpoint, so at least that makes sense. But I wish it swung just a little faster.

Battle Rifle.
I don’t have much to say about this one, other than I hate the fact that the first two bursts don’t seem to register and by the time you realize you’ve taken damage from it you’re dead already.

Assault Rifle.
For once, I really feel like the AR is largely balanced and well thought out. I have no complaints, moving on.

Plasma Carbine… Just no. So much ew is contained within that weapon and I don’t even know where to start.

I don’t like thinking about how much it’s been nerfed from 5. I can’t even call it a viable support weapon anymore, given the fact that it takes four to five hits for one kill, shoots slow and reloads slower, and just has incredibly high ammo consumption overall.

That’s all I have for weapons, now onto equipment.

This thing does what it’s supposed to do, and it can be a lot of fun on any map! Although sometimes it feels like the grapple doesn’t go far enough, while others it feels like it goes too far.

Threat sensor.
I thought it would be largely useless due to how I never used it in campaign, but I’ve gained a healthy respect for it in multiplayer. Yes, sometimes it doesn’t pick up on anyone, but it can be super useful in objective modes to see how many people are holding a location or camping, etc.

This is the definition of dream crusher on any map with a ledge. It’s good for climbing, pushing other players away, and returning those tank shells to sender, of course. Super fun, super effective, super silly.

The Thruster.
It’s far from as fun as it was in Halo 5, and it’s definitely been made slower and less powerful, but at least it’s in the game. Not my first pick, but it can help you cover gaps on maps like Launchsite, at the man cannon by the vehicle spawns.

The Drop Wall.
Remove this or buff it to godhood, seriously. They should have made this thing an April Fool’s joke because I’ve seen mobile games with better and faster deployable cover options. The drop wall can barely take a hit, it takes forever to deploy, and the only thing it could counter if you got lucky was the gravity hammer. Oh wait, the hammer even swings faster than it deploys! Point is, the drop wall sucks, and you can’t change my mind unless 343 fixes it themselves. And even then, I’m not sure my opinion will change.

TLDR: We have a lot of weapons and equipment, but half of it seems like it was designed with inefficiency and a seeming lack of real purpose in mind.

What are your thoughts? I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

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I feel if they get the desync/connection issues fixed some of these will clear up.

Example, I see people both feeling the needler is trash or op but if you take them to weapon drills where it’s just your connection, basic ai movement patterns, or just not understanding how others uses it made it clearer. Enemies running horizontal from you on a straight path few hit, enemies running at an angle at, vary picky. Enemies fully sprinting away? Out run them most of the time. Only time Ive seen it do well is enemies running at you, trying to normally dodge etc.

However, the rof wont stop a sword lunge even if youve been peppering them, especially if they got that super lunge due to connection or thrusters. Grappling hook you might get them. Most other weapons with higher rof or kill rate can still kill you way before half the magazine is flying even if you shoot first. Two enemies in the reticle? Good luck lol.

Sniper lost is ricochet and took a rof hit, but my main issues are the connection atm, live rounds? Issues, fire drills? While not accurate to real players strafing enemies are more likely to be hit even at full speed so long as your on them. My only other issue is I can’t tell if I need to lead at longer ranges but holy moly live rounds rarely want to place. Even no scoping feels off compared to other halos.

Ravager doesn’t know what it wants to be, its rof is to slow vs others, its travel rate is to slow, the aoe dries up to fast and is vary hit or miss. Charging takes to long and drains to fast for what it does when fired. I’d rather have a bruteshot back.

Hammer vs sword, if you deflect each other you lost unless you can repulse or get distance because the swing rate isn’t gonna cut it, you’d think the hammer would have a semi repulsive behavior to even them out. Tons of connection issues too.

Cammando doesn’t know what it wants to be even in campaign, even trying to fan the hammer has bursts at times killing its long range accuracy. If you didn’t have the jump a br or pistol can erase you even if you hit all your shots. I rather it lose it’s auto fire, slowed a little, hit more and had better range. If its not the dmr, then keep zoom, increase bloom but make it hit like a truck. Sure some will win by fanning but that ought to be more luck or recoil control.

Hydra is… Its okay. The none lock on is fine if not weak for what it is. If it wasn’t so slow to reload/fire then I’d understand its place but I find the tracking undesirable unless after vehicles. Even then feels meh. Rather rockets get vehicle tracking back. And because it can’t leave a curtain bubble to track, has a fast curving rate up front its purpose is defeated as a get enemies out of cover weapon.

Plasma carbine feels like it should be so much better and its connection really suffers but I rarely seen anyone actively pick it up and be decent. Even using it like a marksman rifle feels bleh. Funnily enough mine got glitched when someone hijacked my warthog. For the entire life it was full auto, overheated fast and still felt meh. Was on behemoth fiesta mind you so its should have been god tier.

Plasma pistol? Lost its biggest desired effect, connection or tracking be -Yoink!- as it can’t even be reliable shield popper online. Why use it just for that, when better weapons exist in story?

Sorry if Im rambling like a mad man at the moment, really sick and only thing occupying this misery is writing this up. Plenty more could be said but most need stable servers to truly see how the guns are. People who claim br or ar are op are probably facing stability issues too because being behind a wall normally means you’re safe now, not latent bullets count and kill you.

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