Weapon variant concerns

For those that don’t know, on custom fiesta games weapon variants (like in Halo 5) could spawn on weapon pads randomly. These variants include weapons like a long range MA40, faster fire Battle Rifle, a cindershot that explodes 3 times, and an all around better bulldog.

What is the purpose of these variants? Compared to their vanilla counterparts, they are ludicrously overpowered. The long range MA40 alone can beat any default UNSC gun in a fight. Are these going to only for fiesta? If not, will they be nerfed later? Or even worse, are they going to be shop items?


Me and my boyfriend have assumed they might be campaign related. But even if they’re just special versions for use in custom games I wouldn’t mind. I feel it’s cool there are other variants, regardless of what they ultimately get used for.

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Variants in general are basically just the remix idea but instead of maps for weapons. Why bother making a completely new weapon when you can do a few retextures and offer a weapon that is just a bit different?

They are meant to reward you for defeating bosses in Infinite, but regardless, I don’t know if we’ll see it in BTB anytime soon. They would probably be in Ordinance drops if anything, they obviously won’t be in regular 4v4 for balance purposes.

We will also see tons of vehicle variants over time.

And no they won’t be shop items lol, I doubt we’ll see Warzone like in Halo 5 and even if they do bring it back it won’t have REQ system I imagine.

Edit: Infinite has tons of stuff already finished yet to be released, I’m not even sure if 343i know what they’re going to do with everything yet. I think they’ll undoubtedly add a bunch of crazy stuff to BTB, as balance isn’t as much of a focus for that mode.