Weapon tuning update needed ASAP but the BP takes priority

Certain weapons are just down right useless some have more AA than others the BR and AR are currently the easiest to use and has the most AA while something like the sidekick has the least AA and other weapons ect. This begins to create an inconsistency with balance within the sandbox IMO. This especially is known now that we have fiesta as a rotational playlist which is also worrying….

Right now idk if that was done on purpose for the fact that we have to grind extra hard for the challenges/progression? Which why I almost feel like this was deliberate and everything at its core in this game is tied into grinding the battle pass……

However all I know is that halo has always been a game with an easy aim learning curve but hard to master loop. Infinite most likely seems to be the opposite unfortunately I was really hoping that this was more so the case because it’s a “beta” but I’ve seen others here on the forum posting regarding this issue besides the elephant in the room the “battle pass progression” and 343 has not even touched on this topic of lowered weapon damage, nerfs from the flight or significant lowered AA in certain weapons and were less than 2 weeks from the “full launch”