Weapon tuning... my thoughts on it?

Okay here’s my views on it, that is the changes that are currently annoucned as coming on June 3rd

4 shot BR
Good as long as its the same as Halo 3, that isit takes 12 individual BR bullets to kill a player, if the last is a headshot.

RRR of DMR reduced
Great, maybe now cross mapping may take a bit more skill!

RRR Lightrifle increased
Yes, it will match the DMR, adds balance between the two

In scope firing rate of lightrifle increased
Not too sure on this, I only support a small increase in firing rate, since at the moment, when zoomed in the lightrifle is much more powerful, at expense of a slightly slower firing rate.
We don’t want it becoming the replacing the DMR as the jack of all trades weapon, do we…

Damage increase of automatics
Yes, will make them slightly better in CQC, as they should be.

Reduced magnetism of automatics
As above, a good idea, that means you have to aim, not simply spray and pray as is at the moment.
Maybe the beam rifle, railgun and sniper will get reduced magnetism as well?

Carbine becoming 7 Shot, increased accuracy
Wholeheartedly agree with this, even on Halo 3 it felt underpowered.
Hopefully there’s not too much increase in accuracy, that is part of the gun after all…

35% damage boost to Warthog and Mantis chain guns
Yes to the first, flat out no to the second.
Warthogs definitely need a damage boost of 35%, but Mantises certainly do not. Perhaps a small increase of 5-10%, but remember a few things about the Mantis: Its got shields, its got rockets (Which are used most when killing things) and it has its chaingun and a stomp attack that if used right is devastating to anything.
What I’m saying is that the Mantis is powerful enough as is, 5-10% increase in damage at most, nothing else.

Overall I think the weapon tuning is almost spot on and will bring some balance back to the game. Only thing left to reduce now is the lag, or the weapon tuning won’t mean a great deal when every third game lags…


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