Weapon TTK/ too much health in multiplayer?

I’ve noticed whenever I use any of the ground weapons ( BR, Ravager, Bulldog, etc.) it takes an absurd amount of of time to get a kill in multiplayer sometimes even when shields are broken. Either the weapons don’t do enough damage or Spartans have too much health.

Yep but the TTk is high this game is odd that’s Forsure….

Most weapons feel fine, but I do gotta say the Bulldog needs to be buffed. It takes like 4 shots to kill someone with it.

People have been saying the TTK is too long, and others have been saying it’s too short. So it’s probably just right.

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Certain weapons need buffed damage/TTK. IMO the only weapons that feel acceptable to use are the BR, sniper, rocket launcher, and Commando. I’d consider the AR barely passable in TTK. I honestly feel like I’m nerfing myself hard by using anything outside of these. I feel like short-range weapons like the Bulldog in particular are kind of invalidated when I could just go for a double melee 100-0 instead.

I think melee in general is a huge issue. The lunge is way too long (feels like the sword used to feel IMO) and a double melee 100-0 is just dumb. I feel like there’s no decision making that currently needs to be made about when to melee versus when to attempt to kite the enemy when fighting in short range. I understand killing an enemy in one melee after shields are down, but I think melee should do half damage to shielded enemies. If you want to melee someone to death from anywhere but directly behind them, it should be one melee for half the shield, one melee for the second half, and one melee to finish. It’s just way too easy to get kills with melee right now IMO.

Time to kill is way too short in my opinion, the pistol can kill in half a second. I want Halo 3 or Reach time to kill.

It is basically both.

When I face some ppl they just erase me everytine with 3 burts grom BR… I usually need 4-5 to kill someone.

I am noob that is a fact, but the shots needed to kill are weird to me as well.

In Halo I enjoy higher TTK because it supports teamplay a lot. I dont care if get low kills but a lot of assists. That makes me happy that I supported the team.

I would only like to see only one granade spawn. Those two are creating insane nade spam. Its worse than COD :frowning:

Personally I hate nades. I seems my spartan has a magnet and no matter where I move to avoid it it bounces the way I picked…

I agree that TTK feels oddly inconsistent.

Feels about the same as every other bullet sponge Halo game.

Whats messed up is it was almost perfect in the flights, granted there were some minor tweaks needed here or there like the bulldog has always taken to many hits to kill but the overall weapon balance was better than it is now, then a bunch of kids complained about certain guns, like the commando for example, were to powerful, when in reality the commando was perfect it was just the fact that people are constantly matching against M&K that can consistently beam you in the head without missing which gave the illusion of to high of damage.
I have a forum post for the exact same thing. They nerfed weapons when they shouldnt have and failed to buff weapons that needed it, ex: plasma pistol, bulldog, etc.
343 created more problems instead of fixing the ones they had and they need to undo the unnecessary weapon nerf to start the fix.
Don’t be surprised if the problem gets worst though… 343 sadly has been really good at breaking what works and ignoring whats broken for years now

I’d prefer they introduce a control input toggle, and then address TTK if needed. Cross-platform has been proving for years that mixing KBM and controller yields inconsistent and unfairly stacked results depending on the specific weapon or mechanic. A lot of TTK issues (as I see them explained) could be chalked up to simply getting handled by someone on KBM with a precision weapon that experiences next to no recoil.

The TTK for the BR is exactly the same as it is in Halo 3. Aozolai made a video confirming this. Body shots kill faster now, but it’s still 4 shots to kill and the time it takes is the exact same as H3.

It’s most likely the netcodes/server selections fault… In my experience so far, HI has either a horrible netcode or I’m constantly getting placed on high ping servers. It’s a shame really, I even get better matches on low population games like HCE on MMC on a more frequent basis then in HI. Not to mention other games on the MCC or stuff like MW19

Nah that’s just how Halo is. Always been about longer TTK.

TTK feels just right to me. Weapons may need a balance patch to buff some of the weak ones though.

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It seems like you might not be as familiar with the halo combat system but to summarize.

  • break the shields and land the headshot to kill. All weapons with headshot damage (all unsc weapons except maybe bulldog and rockets) will OHK an unshielded opponent.
  • when shooting a shielded opponent, all damage to the shield is worth the same amount, whether you hit them in the toe or the head. It’s only when the bullet pops the shield or hits an unshielded opponent that shot location matters (this makes sense if you think about it - the shield doesn’t have a “head”)
  • plasma weapons typically drain shields faster than conventional munitions weapons, but they do less damage to an unshielded opponent. The conventional weapons are somewhat the opposite.
  • TTK has always been solidly in the 1-2 second range for optimal kill times. This adds a lot of depth and skill to every combat encounter compared to lower TTK. It brings about the halo combat “dance”.