weapon system

sup? the one thing that im a bit concerned about is the unlockable weapons. is the weapons we unlock there, everything but powerweapons? will we unlock powerweapons, or weapons like pistols, rifles, dmr and br and covenant weapons? ond one more thing. will weapons like rifles ext. be spread throughout the maps like inn al the previous halos? ro will it be like n cod where the only weaons we can find on the map is dropped weapons from other players? PLEASE AWNSER!

First of all, improve your grammar.

Secondly, no, you won’t spawn with power weapons unless it’s Team Snipers or a Rockets game type. Frankie already clarified this.

You will unlock utility weapons; the BR, DMR, AR, the 2 Carbines and the Pistol.

Power weapons will be in drop pods. I assume regular weapons will either be found on the maps or you will have to collect ammo from players you kill.