Weapon Skins

Making a post here and hope that 343 sees it.

I’m loving the UI so far but the customization screens are a bit obnoxious. the fact that you have to cycle to the weapon you want to customize, then enter a new menu to select the colour you want, and then a final screen to confirm the choice is a bit tedious.

Personally I would prefer it if there was 1 screen with the weapons tiled that can be scrolled through. Then you simply select the weapon you want to customize to enter the 2nd screen listing the skins. Hovering the mouse over each tile could show a preview for what the skin looks like (similar to MCC) and then simply select and confirm the choice in 1 action. This way you only need to interact with 2 screens to change the skin on a weapon instead of 3 or 4.

Rant over. Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

Post this on the stickied feedback thread or open a ticket in Halo Insider Support.