Since the melee nerf, the Mangler has lost its ability for a one shot + melee kill combo, and with that the Mangler has lost its role within the weapon sandbox.

The Mangler has a slower optimal TTK (1.45s) than the MA40 AR (1.25s) and the MK50 Sidekick (1.1s) while also firing slower projectiles that are susceptible to drop. Essentially, there is now no reason whatsoever to change out a default starting weapon for the Mangler.

Honestly, I’m not sure why the melee for the Mangler was nerfed, it is standard for most shooters to give players the option to use a melee weapon over a sidearm and that’s sort of what the Mangler felt like to me. Maybe the issue is that the Mangler could also use standard fire in addition to its melee proficiency, even if that standard fire is one of the worst in the game. I wonder if the Mauler would have been a better base addition for the one shot + one melee combo, effectively limiting the weapon to being only useful for close range. The Mangler could then have been a weapon variant, essentially the Mauler with slug rounds. Anyways, this is what could have been (maybe it could still be), but for now something needs to be done to give the Mangler more functionality IMO.

This leads me to a simple suggestion, what if spike based projectiles had a slow effect on enemy targets? This could even be just as simple as temporarily preventing enemies from sprinting, making it easier to stay on target / preventing enemies from running away.


  1. Does this make the weapon more interesting?
  • Yes, I think this carves out a nice niche for the Mangler within the Sandbox.
  1. Does this add depth to the gameplay?
  • Yes, no weapons within the current Sandbox have any slowing effect on targets, so this is a new gameplay feature.
  1. Does this break the balance of gameplay?
  • No, if anything it restores balance by making the Mangler viable once again. This change would give the Mangler function without even effecting damage. The Mangler would still have one of the slowest TTK’s, but by temporarily disabling an enemies ability to sprint it will be easier for Mangler users to pursue enemies / stay on target.
  1. Does this fit the lore / theme of the weapon?
  • Yes, the Brute Spikes have been known to “Pin” enemies to objects… so the Spikes are absolutely known for inhibiting enemy movement.



It looks like the devs had gunplay in mind. Probably thought the whole sandbox was too “punchy.”

The only thing that truly erks me is the inconsistency between ranked and social. Keep people from having to constantly readjust so much.


And I can appreciate that, but the Mangler doesn’t bring anything of value to Sandbox with respect to gunplay. The AR and SK are easier to use and have a better TTK, so the Mangler has no function. Its just odd they would nerf melee without actually giving the Mangler a different use.


To hell with the Mauler, and the season 1 Mangler NEEDS a permanent comeback!


Nice bait the mauler was also used for one shot to melee combo’s in halo 3 if not dual wielded


You know why it was balanced? Because it didn’t shoot a shield depleting slug that was insanely easy to aim. It was a shotgun revolver that had little range. Who complained about the Mauler? Nobody, that’s who. Meanwhile we got the men who are supposed to be advertising the game (esports players) and they just complain about it.


I love how they had a global melee nerf, which includes now Campaign Grunts taking 2 melee hits, and BR doesn’t 3 tap anymore, EXCEPT 343 removed the melee nerf in Competitive Ranked, because people complained, when the whole point of the nerf was because Ranked complained about Mangler. Now everyone suffers across Social, Customs, and Campaign, for something related to Ranked complaints. I have no reason to use Mangler instead of Sidekick. They may as well remove the blades from Mangler too, since it doesn’t do more melee damage anymore like it says it does. They could have simply modified only Mangler for Only Ranked mode, and left everything else alone


If you seriously think people never had any complaints with the mauler you’re delusional

Also quick question tell me what the melee range is because again the mauler was notorious for being used the same way season 1 mangler was used 1 shot into melee kills


I don’t bother touching it any more. Much easier and better options that fills any role the Mangler once had. Hell, the Assault Rifle does just about everything it can do but easier. You start with that and it’s rare I ever run out of ammo for it.


Actually, I was around the Bungie forums during the Halo 3 days. And if anyone had anything to say about the Mauler it was that it was pretty weak.

The only exception was on Guardian. It was removed from Guardian pretty early on in MM. But I think that had more to do with the map already having a Shotgun and Hammer in such a small map than it had to do with those darn Maulers ruining everybody’s fun.


I’ve seen quite a few people complain about them in the game i wasn’t that much of a forum browser back in the day so i wasn’t around during the bungie forums days so my experience with the community was in the game but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was people who thought it was underpowered and some who thought it was bs

I’m just pointing out how the mauler was used the same way the s1 mangler was when it wasn’t dual wielded ie 1 shot into melee at close range and it baffles me that people forget that when praising the mauler and dissing the mangler

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The Mangler was fine as it was.
They stuffed up the game again for something that wasn’t an issue!


Je me permet ils sont fais ça a cause des joueur pro qui a mon gout ne sont pas si pro que ca le mangler faisait deja du two shot a lepoque de halo 3 alors remetter les degats normaux 343 ainsi que revenire sur votre nerf de 10 % de moins sur les coup de cross avec toute les arme car la vous tuer le gameplay de halo juste pour plaire a des gens qui foudrai que halo ressemble a call of duty cest honteux on est sur halo cest bien ce qui a la base demarque des autres fps

If I wanted a melee weapon, I’ll stick with the sword and gravity hammer.

I’m glad the mangler is no longer a one shot melee weapon. And the 10% melee nerf applies to the ranked playlist as well. However, the BR retains its original melee power in the ranked playlist only.

The shock grenades slow down anyone effected by them.


Thanks I forgot about this, do you think the Mangler could also have this effect?

If anything I’d rather see the Disruptor having a slowing effect. I like the Mangler where it is; its two-shot melee is effective at close range, one or two shots to strip shields and then switch to a precision weapon is effective at medium range.


Sorry, I don’t see how anyone can defend the Mangler in it’s current state. It has no function… as I’ve outlined in the OP the AR and the Sidekick both outgun the Mangler. It takes 0.95s to get two hits with the mangler, switching weapons to finish a kill is not more effective than just using the Sidekick 1.1s. I don’t think it even outclasses the AR in Melee anymore either…

Edit: The slow effect for the Disruptor does make a lot of sense though, all shock weapons could share this trait.

If we can’t come up for something with the Mangler then I would suggest it become the Mauler just to at least bring Melee proficiency. The Mangler needs something.


Okay you have no idea how busted this would be. it’d completely ANNIHILATE every other weapon in sandbox! Being slowed because you got hit by a spike that chunks out a THIRD of your health? You’re nuts, you gotta’ be.

Nooooope. See here’s the thing. You can still get a really fast mid-range 3 Shot perfect and it… isn’t even that hard to do…! But what’s more, you hit somebody body shot with the mangler twice and then you whip out your BR to finish the job. It is that simple. Even the AR and Sidekick can do it.

The Mangler is one of the most competitively viable tools, to the point that even post-nerf, people are talking about still just straight up not allowing it in the scene. It’s just too strong. Especially since 2-3 can spawn on the map at any given time.

Tier I weapons have a quick respawn timer and you can hold several, instead of the way Tier II weapons behave, where only one is allowed to be active. So at a high skill level, your entire friggin’ team can have manglers. Good luck getting your own if 3-4 opponents have theirs.

If you really think the bangslap was the only way to use the Mangler, and that it’s useless now? You clearly don’t know the right way to use the thing.


The mangler isn’t meant to be used by itself. It’s too strong to have the one shot melee back.

Here’s the manglers niche in the game right now.

You hit two shots up to mid range because of it’s high aim assist, then immediately drop the mangler and kill the person with whatever your secondary weapon was. Easiest with the BR, but works just fine with a commando, sidekick or even AR.

This comes out to be much faster than any realistic TTK, unless they’re getting a full speed perfect on you with a weapon like the commando or sidekick (which basically will never happen due to bloom)

It’s a pistol, with the respawn rate of a pistol. It 's still a bit too strong because of the drop tech instead of swapping weapons which is slower, the only problem is you can’t do this in Last Spartan Standing.