Weapon Sandbox Additions Wishlist

Y’know, I’d make a thread about all of my issues with Halo Infinite and my disappointments in general, but there are SO many people already complaining about the progression, the monetization, the lack of content or playlists, all stuff I agree on tbh, and I’ll keep saying the game should’ve been delayed further to avoid these issues for the sake of actually breaking from the norm of modern games and actually release a full game with content on par with past titles from day one. But I’m not really here for that so I’ll end it there.

What I’m gonna discuss instead is the weapon sandbox. Tbh most things already on it are pretty cool all things considered, and general gameplay, while not perfect, is pretty good. But I really do not get why they felt like they had to cut down so many weapons from past games. Was it to make room?Sandbox bloating? Redundacy? Please. There’s no harm in having as much variety as possible with the sandbox and expand it as much as it possibly can be. My personal pipe dream with a Halo game would be for it to kinda pull a Smash Bros Ultimate and feature every previously seen weapon as well as brand new toys. If story reasons are the issue then just keep them out of the actual Campaign because I don’t see why contradicting canon should get in the way for Multiplayer. It’s not like you’d canonize a bunch of Spartans playing Fat Kid or Speed Halo, right? If you’re missing things past games had then you’re not really creating the absolute best Halo experience are you?

Down below I’m gonna list every weapon that was featured in past games but is completely absent here along with any thoughts I got, not counting stuff potentially leaked or stated to be added, in order of how much I’d personally like to see it featured in the game at some point. I fully expect that some will be added at some point, I don’t see them putting them all in but that’s just a pipe dream anyway. Oh, the list is pretty friggin’ long mind you.

DMR: Honestly I’m extremely bummed it’s gone since it is my primary weapon to use wherever it’s available and I seriously don’t see why removing it. People say the Commando replaces it but that gun is just atrocious if you ask me and far from this baby.
Brute Shot: I was almost sure it’d finally return but nope! Why?! It’s a game where the Brutes lead the enemy faction and this is the most distinguishable Brute weapon after the Gravity Hammer. Not seeing it in is such a missed opportunity.
Classic Shotgun: Since the Bulldog doesn’t even fill in the same role, it made zero sense why not having this in. I’d prefer the Reach design if it came back but tbh any design that isn’t the H4 and H5 one works.
Plasma Rifle: There isn’t even a single full-auto plasma weapon in the game anymore, the Pulse Carbine is the closest thing but not really (plus it sucks). I don’t know why they refuse to bring it back. Also its Brute version while we’re at it, perfect variant.
SMG: It’s a nice simple weapon and I feel works better as a close range non-power weapon than the Bulldog could ever hope to achieve. Plus having the ODST Supressed version as a variant should be easy.
Covenant Carbine: Straightforward long-standing weapon and the most logical counterpart to the BR. I get they tried to make every gun unique but I always liked the idea of having weapon counterparts for each faction. On that…
Beam Rifle: Let’s be real, the Stalker Rifle is basically a mix of this and the Carbine, but I want the real deal to compete with the Sniper.
Fuel Rod Gun: Much like the others, this has always countered the Rocket Launcher and it has been there from the first game, this is the first time it’s missing. C’mon.
Plasma Turret: Simply to end off the simple weapon counters, it wasn’t the best but it shouldn’t mean it should be gone, and it wasn’t useless either, the Machine Gun Turret is just feeling kinda lonely right now.
Spartan Laser: Tbh I’d take this over the Skewer any day because it just feels so much more awesome and cool to hit. Plus you can actually see it coming and react if you’re on the wrong end so it’s more fair.
All Promethean Weapons: Just gonna lump these together (Boltshot, Suppressor, LightRifle, Scattershot, Binary Rifle, Incineration Cannon, Pulse/Splinter Grenades, Splinter Turret) because I feel bringing back one or two wouldn’t make sense, you need the full set. Except Pulse Grenades, just added them for completion. I did actually like the Prometheans and I don’t want them to just poof from existence along with their weapons. Personally I love the Scattershot and Binary Rifke the most though. The H5 versions work best except for the Incineration Cannon tbh.
Grenade Launcher: A classic Reach hit, and it had a pretty cool comeback in H5, I definitely would love to see more of it.
Classic Magnum: Honestly the Sidekick feels awesome and very balanced to me, feels like an actual pistol, but let’s still have some of the classic ones, shall we? Since it’s a gun that changes so much, I’d say the CE version for power and nostalgia like H5 had, as well as let’s say a Reach version for a straightforward balanced version. Also ODST, though I’ll settle for giving the Sidekick a suppressor and a zoom there.
Flamethrower: It wasn’t the best weapon, but I think if buffed and balanced properly it could make a pretty cool return. I miss burning enemies, it can be a new model or whatever, just ANY form of a flamethrower. On that, for a footnote, Firebomb Grenades, might as well.
SAW: It was Halo’s one and only LMG and it was very effective at its job, so why not?
Railgun: I just put this right with the SAW, I liked it more in H4 when it wasn’t hitscan than in H5 because it was more satisfying to hit but whatever.
Focus Rifle: Underrated Reach weapon, it’s actually a really good anti-sniper weapon since getting beamed from so far away completely throws off aim.
Sticky Detonator: Fun little toy in H4, I personally loved it and was sad to see it gone in H5 because it had so many strategic uses and I just really like remote explosives in general.
Concussion Rifle: Mostly because of it’s crazy knockback, who doesn’t love sending Warthogs flying with this? I love it even when I’m the one in the Warthog.
Spiker: Another iconic Brute weapon I’m surprised to not see in the game. It’s low on my list simply because I’m not its biggest fan personally but still.
Missile Pod/Rocket Turret: Like mentioned the turret department feels kinda empty and either of these work great against vehicles with their tracking. Oh and throw in the Gauss Turret as well while you’re at it. If you actually bring the Gauss Warthog.
Plasma Caster: It was a surprisingly good gun in H5 and it was fun to use in either fire mode which I can’t say of all guns with alt fire modes.
Plasma Launcher: The Plasma Caster’s big brother felt like a smart counter to the Spartan Laser since it was best on vehicles but was easy to spot. I just love how it tracks everything down. Better than the Hydra.
Target Locator: It’s only been a short while since we can play around with it in Reach’s Customs but it’s actually a pretty hilarious gadget to use despite that.
Needle Rifle: Pretty low on the list since while it is cool it’s just a Carbine with needles and the twists that come with it.
Mauler: Yeah, yeah we got the Mangler but that’s more of a power pistol while this is a pocket shotty. Could make a variant out of the Mangler working like this though.
Hunter Assault Cannon: Almost forgot H5 had this but it was a cool idea! Maybe just give the option to take it from dead Hunters so it works out.
Plasma Repeater: Kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel but eh. Its rate of fire slowing down and surprising health damage were neat.
Storm Rifle: Literally bottom of the list since the Plasma Rifle and Plasma Repeater exist. Still exists, I guess.

Whew, that was a long list. Feel free to answer which of these you’d like to see returning. Tbh if I had a YouTube channel I would’ve made a video with this list instead of a forum post but whatever. Just wanna share thoughts and feelings about it.