Weapon Sandbox #9: Tier 2 SMG’s

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@Windjammer19 shared the idea for a Melee Super-Combine with the Needler. This would actually be a great addition for a short ranged weapon that currently loses to the MA40 AR within melee range (because of the fact that the Needler doesn’t do traditional damage so there is no melee combo). Plus it would be very cool and it is practical. Requiring full ammo for the Super-Combine melee was discussed as well as having the melee super-combine even inflict some damage to the user to make it a risk.

Another topic that I’ve been avoiding so far is Dual Wielding, however if Dual Wielding were to return the Needler would be perfect for this for a few reasons. First, the Needler just makes sense for Dual Wielding, it is reloaded with a flick of the wrist and it can be held with one hand. There is no reasonable explanation as to why the Needler isn’t being Dual Wielded. Second, the Needler does not deal traditional damage, so unless you are pairing the Needler with another Needler you would not be gaining any advantage. Since the Needler is a Tier 2 weapon (controlled spawns) there can only be a specified amount of Needlers on the map at a time and along with spawn location, the Needler is easily balanced through map design.

The interesting dynamic is the Needler has the potential to become almost a power weapon but it would possibly require the players to collect the only 2 Needlers available on the map which might be located on opposite ends of one another. This feature adds a new way to find power within the maps and I think that’s a good thing.


  • Optimal TTK: +1.10s (12 body)
  • Fire Mode: Automatic (~720 RPM)
  • Ammo: Kinetic (Blamite), 26 Projectiles
  • Range: Short (Homing + Projectile Lag), S-Link
  • Notes: Needles Super-Comine, Melee super-combine.

The Needler re-purposed as a fully automatic shotgun that fires spreads of Blamite.

To be clear, the Sentinel Beam is just fine as it is. That said, I have this idea of the Sentinel Beam being deployable as an automatic sentry that is controlled by your AI. In my opinion, this would take the Sentinel Beam to the next level, giving it a totally unique function within the sandbox. The idea is inspired by the Laptop Gun from Perfect Dark, which was one of my favourite weapons in that game back in the day.

For balancing, the Sentinel Beam would only deal reduced damage while it is deployed as a Sentry (this still gives players the incentive to use the Sentinel Beam) and if you and your AI move too far away from the Sentry it will breakdown (this prevents players from deploying the Sentinel Beam just because they can). The Sentry’s active time would be determined by the ammo reserve when it is deployed and obviously the Sentry could be destroyed by enemies as well. There would also be delay before a target is acquired giving enemies time to react to an encounter.

I don’t think this would really be all that useful, but it could be interesting and I would rather have it underpowered than OP.

This feature would make the most sense if Dual Wielding to return. The M7 SMG, Plasma Rifle, and Needler would all be Dual Wieldable and in a way having an automated Sentry Drop gives the Sentinel Beam the ability of Dual Wielding with any weapon in the Sandbox. With this, all of the SMG class weapons would be “Dual-Wieldable” and naturally the Forerunner hardlight one would be the most advanced version of the concept of Dual Wielding (doubling fire output).


  • Optimal TTK: +0.90s (50 shield, 5 crit)
  • Suboptimal TTK: +1.15s (50 shield, 20 body)
  • Sentry TTK: +2.80s
  • Fire Mode: Beam (~ 3600 RPM)
  • Ammo: Hardlight, 250
  • Range: Short
  • Notes: Drop the weapon to deploy it as a stationary sentry controlled by your AI. Beam deals collateral damage.

Instead of dealing damage the Stasis Beam manipulates targets & objects.

  • RT = Push Objects
  • LT = Pull Objects
  • LT + RT = Grab Objects
  • Drop the weapon to deploy a gravity lift
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Here’s the like the my Needler discussion if anyone is interested:

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dual wielding smg’s and dual wielding sentinel beams ftw

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How would the Sentry be represented on the motion tracker? Always on? Only when shooting? Big dot? Little dot?

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Great attention to detail, hadn’t thought of that.

If the sentry needs to be differentiated then I would suggest little dot. The other option for the Sentry would be to give it a stationary dot that would be the same as a Spartan which would give it Decoy properties… not sure if that’s a good idea or not but it’s an option to consider.

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I guess it could also go the H4 route which actually showed what sort of vehicle was on the radar.