Weapon Sandbox #6: Tier 1 Sidearms (3/3)

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The Sidekick is a little bit broken in Halo Infinite. It’s special function is it’s fast reload and swap, making it the ideal secondary weapon to have in many situations (living up to it’s name). Yet the Sidekick actually kills faster than any other Tier 1 Weapon in the game, and it does more damage per shot than the AR, BR, and even the Commando despite being a 10mm pistol. Where is the logic there? The weapon relies on bloom as a balancing mechanic which adds an element of randomness to gunfights, yet players also describe it as a more skilled precision alternative to the AR. IMO, skill and randomness don’t exactly go together.

I propose slightly nerfing the Sidekick’s damage while also slightly increasing the cap on fire rate and reducing bloom accordingly, making it play more like the current iteration of the Commando (which I think should be buffed and made a Tier 2 weapon).


  • Optimal TTK: +1.15s (7 shield, 1 crit)
  • Suboptimal TTK: +1.70s (7 shield, 5 body)
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Auto (~420 RPM)
  • Ammo: Kinetic (Ballistic), 12 Rounds
  • Range: Short - Mid, S-Link (Bloom)
  • Notes: Fast Reload and Swap. Default secondary in non-competitive arena.

Features a silencer and 2x zoom for increased precision.

The concept of the Refractor is essentially the Halo 4 Light Rifle repurposed as a Tier 1 Hardlight Sidearm. The sidearm features a 2-burst firing mode when firing from the hip with a faster TTK but slower projectile speed and a semi-auto firing mode while zoomed with a slower TTK but faster projectile speed and collateral / richochet damage properties. The end result is a weapon that can rival the MA40 AR at short range as well as the BR75 at mid range, making it a unique all purpose weapon.


  • Optimal TTK (Hipfire): +1.35s (6 shield, 1 crit)
  • Suboptimal TTK (Hipfire): +1.65s (6 shield, 4 body)
  • Optimal TTK (Zoomed): +1.60s (3 shield, 1 crit)
  • Suboptimal TTK (Zoomed): +2.00s (3 shield, 2 body)
  • Fire Mode (Hipfire): 2-Burst (~360 RPM or ~180 BPM)
  • Fire Mode (Zoomed): Semi-Auto (~150 RPM)
  • Ammo: Hardlight, 18 Proj. (Hipfire) / 9 Proj. (Zoomed)
  • Range: Short - Mid (Projectile Lag), 2x Zoom (Descope)
  • Notes: Alternate fire modes while zoomed or unzoomed.

A hardlight handcannon, standard fire equals the zoomed fire of the Refractor, charged shot fires a projectile which deals AoE damage.

What are your thoughts on the above two weapons?

Note: Information in the ANALYSIS sections are pulled from various sources, it may or may not be correct… it is just there to provide additional information for how balancing could look. In some cases the TTK’s are just proposed hypotheticals.