Weapon reviews

I would like to start off a topic for how you guys feel about Halo: infinite weapons.

I can start off with two weapons:

CQS48 Bulldog:
If you shoot at pointblank at an enemy it doesn’t kill in one shot as in the previous Halo games. It is fast firing weapon but the spread of the gun feels too “small coned” which makes it hard to kill at close range. It takes 2 shots to kill an enemy at close/mid (if perfect hit) range. Personally I’m a bit disappionted of the “shotgun” and prefer to not use it at all.

S7 Sniper rifle:
The S7 Sniper rifle feels a bit “sluggish” compared to the other halo games. Whenever I shoot it feels like there is some milliseconds delay which makes it feel there’s been a manufacture error when making it.
It makes it harder to use but more skills involded to fire it. But that delay is like flipping a coin. Either you get a hit/kill or you’re doomed to die. A miss with the sniper rilfe is fatal.
On the other hand I like the sniper rifle a lot! Especially when firing at a moving target due to the bullet travel speed you need som skill and prediction to be able to land that rewarding headshot. Even when you no scope you have to predict the shot where it will travel. The sniper rifle is not as accurate as the other games but it ads so much more traning with it and that is both fun and challenging. Except the “sluggish” feeling when trigger the shot.

Sniper I find is extremely difficult under pressure but with no pressure it is very easy.

Bulldog reminds me of the Halo 2 shotgun. I’m not sure how I feel about that. While I’m not a fan of the Shotgun in general, I can value it’s importance in the weapon Sandbox and the role it fulfills as a power weapon. It feels kinda weak right now.