Weapon Rebalance?

I’m aware of the tweaks to the melee/ravager, but it REALLY feels like the Assault Rifle got a big nerf. It’s hard for me to tell because of the horrible desync I have been getting this week, so I’m not sure if it’s that, or an AR rebalance, but I have noticed that I am having to shoot someone with the AR noticeably longer once I see their shields break. Has anyone else noticed this?

Also, as far as the melee bug being ‘fixed’, it literally feels worse to me now. I’ve already had 5 or 6 instances where I can hear the ‘punch’ from my melee hitting someone, only for me to die and they are left undamaged

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Nah, AR hasn’t been changed.

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I didn’t notice a difference last night. A bit of a nerf when you consider the melee nerf, you’ve got to land a few more bullets now to score the beatdown.

I am talking just shooting at a distance without going for a melee. And @KCD0DGER , I don’t really think you can say in confidence that it hasn’t been changed since no one besides 343 knows lolol I was just curious if anyone else here had noticed a difference.

The people I play with said that they noticed it as well. Hopefully it is just a desync issue because I thought this was the only halo that actually nailed the feeling/time to kill of the AR, it actually felt useful. But 343 has been known to do things like this, example h5 with the mass weapon rebalance that made the BR useless, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they snuck in some weapon tweaks without announcing them on the patch notes

I mean the AR has felt the same to me. I play the game and the TTK is… the same, as it used to be.

EDIT: if it DID get adjusted downwards, awesome.

EDIT 2: Yep, nothing. 15 shots for optimal kill, 20 for body shots, just like always.

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It’s the desync buddy not a change to the AR all the weapons in infinite have less damage output this company is full of baboons that can’t get anything done right…. Sigh

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