Weapon Racks Are awful!

Delete weapon racks. Nobody likes them and they are really not lore accurate:

Halo CE: P1: Dang it, I’m out of ammo.
P2: whelp, sorry can’t help ya with that one.

Halo Infinite: P1: Dang it, I’m out of ammo.
P2: Oh really? There should be a weapon rack just around that corner.

See what I mean?!?!

  • Weapon Racks
  • No Weapon Racks
  • whatever.

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I personally would like no weapon racks. And literally the exact same with vehicles. Thx, Bye!

Not in the slightest.

Do you mean in Multiplayer or Campaign? If I’m being honest, lore is probably the very least of 343i’s concerns with either.

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Both. But campaign doesnt have weapon racks anyway, Right?

If you mean those little metal box things that recharge and have a single weapon in them, that’s MP only. But those full-on rack things full of weapons, grenades, and ammo absolutely riddle the campaign.

Yes. I am talking about the tiny ones.

Those ones are pretty silly. Don’t hate them though.