Weapon nerfs are ruining the fun

Since the Beta:

  • Commando is unusable

  • Ravager is unusable

  • Hydra is unusable

  • Shotgun is unviable

  • AR still good after nerf

Each of these guns are losing 1v1s vs the AR, BR or Pistol. Why should we pick them up. None of them are fun to use anymore. Stop nerfing non OP things please.


In my experience, the Ravager was never useful, but I digress; all true things have been said.

commando is just redundant. it has MORE SPREAD THAN A FULL AUTO ASSUALT RFILE
the ravager is good against vehicles
hydra, unusable? get outa here lad. that thing is borked. good against both players and especially vehicles, since the vehicles are weak as heck. unless it’s a small map, there’s never a reason to pick the SPNKR over the hydra
bulldog… annoying. getting killed by a close ranged weapon from LONG RANGE ain’t fun
AR… just widen the spread, that’s it… but it’s nice non the less

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Ravaged was good if you played titanfall 2 and used it like a Cold War.

I agree with most of this.

The commando and ravager need a serious look.

The hydra is a bit iffy, but if its kept as a BTB anti vehicle weapon, I don’t think it needs much adjustment. But as an anti infantry arena power weapon, yea it sucks.

The bulldog- as its been said many times, isn’t the Halo 3 shotgun. And people hate it for that. I dont think its “unviable” per say, but it definitely can’t clear a room very easily and its certainly not a hard counter to sword the way shotguns used to be. Probably the best thing in this case would be to make a different shotgun variant (like a double barrel) that is really good at close range, but doesn’t get hitmarkers at close-medium range the way the bulldog can. That way you can have both in the game.

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Funny you say that when it is functionally the same. The only real difference is loading it with a mag. It’s still a pump action shotgun that fires relatively slow but here it’s just worse. It’s a severely nerfed version of the shotgun we know and love that just looks a bit different

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I think it was fine before the nerf, it felt like a semi power weapon. Now it’s like « do I feel like using a different gun »

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Hydra is quite underrated, especially on larger maps like BTB. Homing has quite a bit of range and there’s no rifle glint so the enemy has little clue you have the ability to kill them at a fairly longer range with homing rockets.

I don’t mind the bulldog. It’s not a counter for the sword anymore but it’s not bad imo. As for everything else, I agree. The commando especially needs some attention.

  • The Commando is weak but certainly not “unuseable”

  • I agree about the Ravager

  • The Hydra is better than people give it credit for, especially in BTB

  • The Bulldog is fine, people just can’t get over the fact that it’s different from the OG shotgun

  • The AR could use a slight nerf, but I like having a useful AR for once

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Don’t forget the Plasma Pistol, btw, I find the Hydra excellent for knocking down Wasps.

Commando: Either shave off 1 shot to kill (make it more like the beta) or reduce the bloom significantly. Right now its too hard to use without much payoff compared to the much easier to use AR and BR.

Ravager: This thing really needs a damage buff. It takes a couple too many shots to kill in primary fire and the secondary fire won’t kill a Spartan even if they stand still in it for the whole duration.

Hydra: Kind of disagree. Right now it’s kind of decent in BTB for locking on to both vehicles and players as a wall weapon.

Bulldog: 90% disagree. It’s a quick respawning wall weapon instead of a slow weapon pad weapon, so it’s not supposed to be SUPER strong like the SPNKr or Sword. I wouldn’t mind giving it a very slight RoF buff or damage consistency buff at point blank though. It definitely isn’t as cool as the tech test version which fired 20% faster.

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The Hydra and the shotgun are not remotely that bad lul, but sure, I’d agree that the Kommando and the Ravager aren’t where they need to be. During the flight I was gaining an appreciation for the Ravager and thought the only real buff it needed was the charge attack time being reduced.

The Kommando was fine as a 7 shot. Felt dangerous to fight it with a BR at close range. Now I’ll take a BR anytime, and if I’m playing ranked I grab it to fill the secondary slot until I find something else.

Shotgun will forever suck until they bring back the 1-shot pump.

If your name’s not Formal, the Commando is absolutely useless at close range because 0 aim assist + recoil + bloom + 8 shots (13 Fk shots if no headshot) = my arms flailing all over the place.

It’s decent at mid and long range (for suppression) but even then it’s 100% outclassed by the BR. What’s the point?

I find it a shame because it’s my favorite new weapon and actually feels good when you land shots/kills.

Nerfing the Commando was baffling to me, it already sucked absolute donkey

Yeah it was really cool during the flight. It lost that 1 tap potential but had a faster rate of fire and I thought that was cool but now it’s just something that I would only ever pick up in ranked if I needed a second weapon

I’ll probably get flack for this but thr bulldog could use some more range or wider cone. What I mean is if were going for a ranged shotgun then lets go for one that can go the distance. Yes have a damage falloff at max range but it should still be viable against rifles at 75% of their range. Youll need more shells unless you close the gap but now you have a fairer fight, just gotta consistently hit.

Or go for more pellets with a bigger cone. Shotguns have always been those meme close up it can gib multiple enemies in one shot weapon in classic fps. At least this way if you’re fighting multiple spartans your not at a disadvantage. This way you can pepper them slightly before focusing them down so it doesn’t become a oh god reload faster situation

Don’t forget the pulse carbine which only kills at medium range, and if there’s no cover, and also only if the opponent is walking toward at you. if they walk to the side or sprint the tracking misses completely even at optimal range.

Hydra lock-on does have glint. Search YT for “All glints in Halo Infinite” it’s the last one.