Weapon Mastery Emblem

So after completing the Weapon Mastery Commendation, I was a little disappointed to see that the Chief Crest Emblem was just a Rare. With the Forerunner Weapons, you get an Ultra Rare Emblem upon completion. I understand that the grind to complete the weapon mastery is not as painful as Halo 4, but I was at least expecting an Ultra Rare or Legendary.

Be happy it’s not just RNG.

Rarity doesn’t really mean any thing it would be stupid to wear some thing just cause it’s rarity and not cause you like how it looks.

It was such a let down. You’d think that emblem would be sick.

It’s a disappointing looking emblem, but in reality I don’t know too many Spartans that have achieved it, so it is very rare in that sense.

I think the main issue with it is that as the OP said the forerunner weapon mastery (only part of the requirement to getting weapon mastery) is a higher rarity than the weapon mastery emblem. This seems an oversight. As you guys said rarity doesn’t matter, so why isn’t the weapon mastery emblem just a higher rarity if it wouldn’t affect anything. Just seems a little odd to a lot of people

I think most emblems from commendations are rare.

At least you got an emblem to rock on with.

It’s honestly one of the best looking emblems out there Imo. I wear it proud like the Mark VI helmet I have.